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A collaboration between Holitech and Lucid. Our partnership seeks to bring 3D photos and videos to all smartphones (iOS and Android) so that more people have access to fun and lifelike experiences.


See. Live. Belong.

Make Every Moment Pop


Glasses Free

Easy Setup

Ultra Durable

See lifelike pictures on your smartphone without headsets or glasses. It feels like it’s popping out of the display.

Apply it onto the display like any other screen protector in three simple steps. Then open the app to enable the magic.

The tempered glass of our screen protector will protect your phone from everyday use, high falls, and

sharp scratches. 

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All-in-one - 3D VIEWING And CAPTURE

For the first time in history, viewing and capturing immersive content is at your fingertips.

Capture 3D

The app allows you to capture the world around you as realistically as you see it.

View 3D

The protector screen makes your pictures and videos look like they're popping out of the display.

Lucid is a leading AI vision startup developing software solutions for 3D capture and depth sensing based on machine learning. Leveraging only dual/multi-camera setups, 3D Fusion Technology has been deployed in millions of devices in mass production from mobile phones to 3D cameras to robots, drones, security and other smart camera systems. Lucid's easily-integrated SDK allows standard cameras to outperform emission-based hardware depth systems in cost, space and development by training in the cloud and inferring depth on the edge. For more information, visit lucidinside.com.

Holitech is a key manufacturer and solution provider in the electronic display field. Their services include the design, development and production of Liquid Crystal Displays, Touch Displays, Intelligent Hardware Products as well as post production support. From humble beginnings in 2004, Holitech has grown into an organization with over $3B in annual revenue, 25k employees and office locations in China, India, Germany and the US, and its displays is being used in billions of phones worldwide owning 90% of the phone market.

Glasses-free 3d