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We’ve gathered the most interesting, not so well-known facts about sex. Read and educate yourself. 

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Sex can improve memory

But it works only for women. A recent study showed that regular sex improves the ability of the female brain to remember words and phrases. It happens due to an increase in blood flow to the hippocampus of the brain. And although the same effect can be gained through physical activity, doing it in bed is much more pleasant.

Sex helps keep you fit

One sex burns 360 kilocalories, which, by the way, is equivalent to running at a speed of 8 km / h for 45 minutes! Of course, it depends on how active you are, so it makes sense to develop yourself in this direction.

Women are more attractive during ovulation

Despite the fact that men are not aware of this fact, they are subconsciously attracted to women during ovulation more. It was possible to find out with the help of dancers in private clubs: it turned out that during the ovulation days, they receive generous tips from clients.

Longest orgasm record

The longest female orgasm was officially registered back in 1966. As the chronicle recorded, Samantha L. from the USA got a 43-second orgasm as a result of self-satisfaction.

Allergy to semen exist

An allergy to orgasm, unfortunately, is a reality, not a fiction. Some men experience an allergic reaction to their own sperm. Usually, its symptoms are similar to usual cold both after having sex with a partner and after intimate communication with themselves.

Your beard is growing faster

Scientists have found that the beard grows faster if a man has sex regularly. Therefore, if your husband’s beard began started to grow suddenly, time to think.

Sexual months

54% of all condom sales happen in July and August. That is, for these 2 months, more condoms are sold than for the remaining 10 months.

It is not strange – fat men are great lovers

The work of scientists from Turkey showed that fat men are able to satisfy their lovers longer than their fitter rivals. Thin men are more prone to premature ejaculation. Girls do not like it.

Sex gives confidence

Belgian researchers found that the more orgasms a woman gets, the more relaxed, free and confident her gait becomes.

Love with humor

Cheerful men deliver more orgasms to women. A study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology showed that women feel more intense sexual pleasure with men with a good sense of humor, self-confidence and a high income.

Sex helps strengthen bones

According to a study from the University of California, Los Angeles, stable, intimate relationships are good for bone health.

The frequency of sexual intercourse affects happiness

Studies have shown that happy couples have sex once a week. Surprisingly, partners who have sex more often do not feel much satisfaction with life.

The timbre of the voice

Men cannot make voice sexier, but women can.

Sex in old age is good

Sex improves cognitive ability in adulthood. Scientists at the University of Maryland have found that sex improves mental function and increases activity in the hippocampus, the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for memory and mindfulness.

The more you earn, the better sex you have

After studying the sex life of five thousand couples, Chinese scientists found a connection between a man’s salary and the number of orgasms that his partner receives. The more a person earns, the more likely he is to satisfy his woman in bed. The study leaders believe that the reasons for this lie at the level of psychology: women tend to experience more pleasure from sex with a partner whom they consider successful.

Italian method

Not even all Italians know that the method of putting a condom on by mouth is called the Italian method.

That’s all we wanted to share. Note that at this very minute, when you read these lines, about four thousand people are engaged in a much more enjoyable business. So go and do the same!

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