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Do you have a slight suspicion that your coworker is treating you a little bit differently? Well, it can be flattering but also can bring some awkwardness and discomfort. Whatever your situation is, today, we will help you figure out your coworker’s intentions. 

There are several proven signs a male coworker likes you and has more than business interests in you.

12 Signs a Coworker Likes You

We identify 12 signs a man at work is attracted to you. 

  1. He always has a reason to be around

He is always messing around your table for no apparent reason and is constantly looking for contact. If you are bumping into him everywhere: near the coffee machine, near the toilet, near your table, this is a sure sign your male coworker is attracted to you. 

  1. He agrees with every word of yours

A colleague in love usually agrees with any ideas and suggestions of the chosen one and enthusiastically nods in agreement. If he never opposes you, you know what it means.

  1. He asks if you have a boyfriend

How can you tell if a guy at work is interested in you? Pay attention to whether he asks you about your partners. He may ask you as if casually. But he does it quite often. You might think it’s simple human curiosity, but it’s not. 

  1. He changes the tone of your voice

If the person is reserved and strict with office staff but softens his tone with you or even when you are around, you should know he’s into you.  

  1. He invades your personal space

Allegedly accidental rapprochement to hear what was said and barely noticeable touches indicate a desire for physical contact. Pay attention to how the person communicates with others, whether he often touches others during communication as it may be his habit. If he tries to touch only you, you are special to him.

  1. He flirts with eyes

When it is difficult for a person to confess his love in words, he tries to hint about his feelings with a look full of longing and hope. Deep in your heart, you know what that look means.

In general, pay attention to the body language this guy at work uses. If he mirrors your gestures and moves, he likes you. 

  1. He pays attention to the little things

He knows that your coffee is strong white, no sugar, and brews it personally for you. Or he notices a new dress. Or that you refreshed your hair color. 

He is interested in you, there is no doubt. 

  1. He shares personal life

Your colleague discusses photos of girls from dating sites with you, shares the details of the past dates, and asks for your opinion? Conversations on topics not related to work, private messages, and meetings outside the office are no longer a beacon but a frank transition to an informal level of communication.

  1. He helps

He offers his help and always stands up for you when somebody criticizes you. If you think he is kind to you, maybe it’s because he likes you. 

  1. He likes to talk about your off-work life

He wants to know the real you, so he asks a lot of questions about how you spend weekends, what hobbies you have and what you usually cook for breakfast. 

  1. Work late if you do

That’s also a sign a man at work likes you. If your colleague stays at work in his free time when everyone except you has left, he, of course, is looking for one-on-one communication. 

  1. He teases you 

Silly childishness is always a sign of flirting. In this, a 35-year-old man with a three-day stubble went not far from an eighth-grader. What it includes:

  • He gives you a silly nickname or a cute one if he is a sweet guy.
  • Your coworker jokes about you.
  • He makes fun of you.

Holoscreenprotector’s Opinion 

Flirting at work is amazing. It’s boring to work without it, and it’s impossible to work with it! What kind of meetings and reports can we talk about when there are butterflies in the stomachs and the smiles of the Cheshire Cat on faces. We hope we helped you recognize what is on his mind. 

If you know more tips about how to tell if a guy at work likes you, share with us in the comments!

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