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In novels and other fiction for women, you can find the phrase “the smell of sex was in the room” quite often. But does it really appear after the lovers have finished having fun, what is its source and is pleasant or unpleasant? All these questions about the phenomenon of smell after sex need our answers.

Why it appears?

Scientists have found that the main source of odor that appears after sexual intercourse is the female vagina. A man can smell afterward only if he really tried hard (happens rarely, huh?), but the female genitals change their aroma. Why is this happening?

The fact is that what we call the smell of sex is a mixture of excretions of the female body after orgasm, natural lubrication and sperm. Well, indeed, the smell of sweat of lovers can add to all this too. 

First, you need to know that the sexual relationship between a man and a woman is chemistry by its very nature. And in order to clarify the nature of the smell, you need to recollect the school course:

The vagina has a very low pH, it’s acidic, and male sperm is essentially alkali, as it has a high pH. When these two liquids are combined, the most common chemical reaction occurs – a protein is formed, which is the source of the smell with such a romantically lecherous name. 

But what if partners use a condom? 

Then, the chemical reaction described above does not really happen, but the woman’s vagina still smells differently, but just in the case of a condom, it’s the smell of lubrication from it, the reaction of the vagina to the pathogen and sweat. Thus, the smell of sex appeared even without a chemical reaction. 

From partner to partner, the smell can change. 

After love with different men, a woman smells differently. The smell disappears after going to the toilet or a hot shower.

Is it pleasant? 

On the whole, yes, there is nothing repulsive about it. Due to virgin blood, the smell of sex can be unpleasant only if it’s your first time. If it becomes fetid after the loss of innocence, this is a booster to see a doctor, because such a phenomenon can indicate health problems.

What’s the smell like?

It turns out that the palette of odors of a male orgasm is of incredible variety: it smells best after physical activity, it becomes sour after stress, and it can start to smell even unpleasant after several sexual acts with ejaculation in a row. 

But still, sperm on the richness of the palette of ‘aromas’ can’t compare with the female vagina. Its secretions can smell almost anything, and a lot of factors influence them. So, if the vagina is completely healthy, then after sex, it smells like yogurt. And all because the female genital organs do have lactic acid, which is a natural disinfectant. The body perceives sexual intercourse as a serious reason for disinfection. 

The intense odor that forms in the labia minora and clitoris when a woman is excited is very attractive to men. It mixes with all other smells after sex, creating a truly unique composition.

By the way, in the midcycle, a woman’s postcoital smell changes a lot. At this time, her body sends constant signals to her partner, including with the help of smell – after all, the chances of conception during this period are greatest. So, after sex smell becomes even more attractive, that’s a call. 

Now you are enlightened. Use this knowledge wisely! xo xo


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