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Girls often ask themselves a question of what qualities they should possess to make men love them forever, from the very first date desirably. We’ve gathered for you the top 12 characteristics of an ideal girl.

Take a look!

1. She loves herself

At all times, self-love and self-respect are the main indexes of a girl’s attractiveness. This inside strength of yours is appealing and draws men’s attention to a great extent.

2. She brings out emotions

Men consider it cool when they can feel the whole spectrum of emotions with a girl—from positive to negative. And the woman’s art is to find a balance that will simultaneously inspire a man and keep him in good shape. In fact, it is an emotional analog of the “closer-further” rule on which all attachment is built. If a woman possesses this skill, her man will be afraid of losing such a girl. He will strive only for positive emotions and perceive them as compensation for good behavior.

3. She has goals in life

A girl who has a clear idea of what she wants to achieve in life attracts with her energy. Goals can be anything from a career and 10 children to your own origami and floristic club. A girl who has a hobby besides clothes and fans is interesting as a person. Her eyes are burning, she is developing, her life is full, and there is something to talk about with her. And, most importantly, when a woman is busy, she is not always available, and this increases her value.

4. She lets her man feel comfortable

The ability to give a man a sense of comfort and calmness is an essential positive quality of a girl. And it is primarily associated with communication skills. To listen, pat on the shoulder, once to have a sip, once to cheer up—an understanding woman is very much appreciated by men. Besides the beloved ones, there are too few people who can give such comfort. 

5. She is smarter than her man

No need to deny this; every man needs an intelligent woman who will help him to go through all the challenges. Behind every great man, there is a great woman—Churchill and Clementine, Dali and Gala, and a lot of other couples as a proof of the statement. Men often do silly things. Therefore, they need women who could control this. 

6. She is kind and supportive

Should it be any explanation there? You need care and support, girlfriend either gives it to her man or not. 

7. She is bubbly

Life is very difficult sometimes. It can become boring and monotonous. Of course, women were not created to entertain men, but it is a pleasure for a man to be with a cheerful, energetic, and adventure-ready woman.

8. She loves her man with the whole sole

This is one of the great virtues of women—the gist to love fervently and sincerely. Women can love all heartedly, devoting themselves completely to the person with whom they have a relationship. If a man finds a woman who devoutly loves him, then this is the greatest gift.

9. She is ready for a compromise

Having a relationship with a stubborn person is exhausting and annoying. Relationships require compromises both from men’s and women’s sides. So finding a woman willing to compromise is a blessing. But do not forget to meet the requirement too.

10. She is feminine

But what makes women attractive to men? These are gentleness, sexually attractive, but not vulgar behavior., This is the ability to be affectionate and a bit guided. Femininity is manifested in everything from the style of clothing to the manner of communication. This is a kind of behavior close to canons, which launches the program “win, protect, admire” in the brains of men. Actually, femininity is the main hook that catches men. It is important for a man to be strong, to feel that a woman relies on him and that he, with his broad chest, protects a weak and indecisive beloved one from a cruel world. 

11. She is passionate

Life without passion sucks. It makes our life bright and full. Men, just like women, need this vitally.

12. She is forward-minded

Of course, some men prefer only house-doves. And many women do not object. But to be a woman doesn’t mean to stay at home, cook, eat and watch over children. There should be a “drive” in everything. Let yourself to be fond of hi-tech, or to be well-versed in Japanese literature, whatever. 

If you’ve found your ideal girl, don’t let her go! If you want to become an ideal girlfriend, you already are as you are reading this. So we can just wish you harmonious relationships! 

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