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Most men consider the manifestation of feelings a sign of weakness. But it’s doesn’t mean they don’t have them. They’re just carefully disguised. So we offer to figure everything out today.

He wants to be with you

It’s simple: if a man is in love, he wants you to be with him 24 hours a day. He tends to spend together all weekdays and holidays, ready to meet you after work and take there every day, if only you had the opportunity to be around a little longer.

He changes his walk and posture 

So, the next sign of a loving man – easy, flying walk, sometimes with elements of dancing. He might even start to hum or whistle the melody. Moreover, in such a period, a man has a subconscious desire to demonstrate his strength and power. So his shoulders straightened, hands placed on hips and legs spread wide, especially if you are nearby.

He begins to violate your personal space 

Everyone has his personal space, in which he invites only people close to him/her. If you feel that a man somehow turns out to be in it, it is a sign of his desire to get closer to you and move on to a more serious stage of the relationship.

He takes your hand. He puts a hand on your shoulder. All these gestures indicate his desire to be as close as possible to his beloved and to feel her presence on the physical level. That’s an attempt to create tactile contact:)

He let you into his life

You’ve already met his best friends and mom. He does not hesitate to share with you experiences and, most importantly, to talk about his plans. Moreover, a man in love will quickly begin to plan your future together: trips, weekends and other, more serious things.

He is often in a good mood

Falling in love significantly changes the habits of boys. They become more cheerful, easy-going, take the initiative more often and try to become the focus of yours. Such a disposition is a sign that your fan is able to make even the most daring and unexpected actions, absolutely atypical for him.

If you notice that a man tries to show his excellent sense of humor or high intelligence in your presence, know that he is definitely under your charm.

He’s trying to help you

You complain about the hard work, and he offers to quit to feel better? He offers to help in material terms, to introduce you to a friend from a company, he is always glad to listen and help with advice. How do you know a man loves you? Genuine interest, lively participation and the desire to help you make your life better speak about real feelings on his part.

He makes some gestures unconsciously

Nonverbal signs of a man in love, which hides it, are often expressed in gestures. As a rule, in your presence, he unbuttons the extreme buttons of his shirt or watch strap, weakens the knot of his tie, takes off the vest or jacket. This way men are trying to get attention,  not only in terms of clothing but also preening in front of you: smoothing his hair, brushing away nonexistent specks of dust, straightening his shirt.  

You feel his concern

And immediately it becomes clear that a man is interested not only in sex. When he cares about you, it becomes obvious that he really cares about everything that happens, and you have already become a very dear person for him, who wants to please, protect and protect.

He takes certain poses

Surely you have already heard that – an interested guy always puts his toe in the direction of his object of attention. This is true. Another sign of a man’s love or sympathy – trying to put his thumbs behind his pants belt, close to the badge. And by putting his hands in his pockets leaving thumbs at the top, he shows his cool character and determination. 

He appreciates your opinion

How does a man know he loves a woman? He begins to feel that her assessment is important to him. At the same time, he does not become henpecked. He just thinks that you have to make decisions together because your lives are now really connected to each other.

He’s interested in everything that’s going on in your life

He is even interested in your job or in the subjects you study at the University. He is willing to listen to stories about your colleagues, remembers their names and then asks you about what happened next. Attention to detail is a sure sign of falling in love and wanting to know everything about you.

We hope you managed to put the matter to rest and made sure that your man is hopelessly in love with you! xo xo


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