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Parting is always unpleasant. There are tons of articles on the Internet with advice for women going through a breakup. But how do guys handle breakups? Where is the advice for men? We have collected them all in our article!

Science says

Some studies of heterosexual couples’ relationships show that men rated their emotional pain slightly lower on average than women. However, the main difference is noticeable only in the long term.

Women start to suffer immediately after a breakup but recover from stress more fully.

When it comes to men, men never experience this type of recovery. They don’t change their hairstyle, they don’t start jogging, and they don’t change pictures on social networks. So, how do guys feel after a break up? Find the info below.

How do men deal with breakups in stages?

What do guys feel after they break up with you? We identify 6 stages of how a man handles a breakup.

1. Ego out of control

Immediately after a breakup, a man doesn’t realize that it’s him who lost the love of his life. In his mind, it’s her who lost everything and he is fine. As always.

But eventually, his inflated ego starts to dissipate.

2. Extra (unproductive) socializing

Going out to bars, hangouts with friends over beer and chicken – everything that will distract him from a loss is great.

He will do everything to fill a void. Men are not fans of sharing – they will not spill their gut about how they suffer. They simply don’t realize it yet.

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3. Realization of loneliness

So, after a couple of days and even weeks, men usually come to the realization that he is actually alone and there is no one next to him anymore.

But still, he won’t cry his eyes out. He is a MAN, after all. But this stage of realization is his first step towards getting over a breakup.

4. Melancholy and anger

At this stage, men behave in different ways. Some are getting into a mini depression, trying to find answers at the bottom of a glass of Scotch. Others get angry and start stalking their exes.

5. Trying again

Then he is trying to get back in the game and hunt for pretty girls out there. Soon, he will either realize that he is not yet ready for a new relationship or think about returning to his ex.

Sometimes they find a rebound girl and feel pretty comfortable.

6. Moving on

After some time wasted on parties, casual flings and not accepting his own feelings, a man is ready to move on. Why so late? The answer lies in the fact that men process information slower. They need time to get a comprehensive picture of what is going on.

Why do men sometimes not recover well?

What are men after breakup?

  1. Often, guys return to their old bad habits (for example, smoking), which they gave up while being in a relationship. This is an attempt to return to your “old” personality and thus eliminate negative feelings.

     aman is drinking in a bar alone
    Photo by Tobias Nii Kwatei Quartey on Unsplash

  2. Usually, men also suffer more from the loss of a compassionate partner. Women tend to have more sophisticated social support networks to share their unhappiness. Men usually have fewer such people and they are less likely to share such intimate experiences. According to surveys, 70% of men in a state of depression most often turn to their wives for support, while only 40% of women turn to their husbands.
  3. The gender stereotype states that a man should be independent and restrained in expressing emotions. Therefore, guys are often not accustomed to open up to a large number of people from childhood. When a relationship falls apart, a man is left without his core emotional support.

Advice for getting over a breakup for men

  1. Do not start the self-destruct process. Alcohol is a depressant. Exercise, on the other hand, increases blood flow to the brain, releases endorphins, and increases the production of serotonin, which is largely responsible for our daily happiness.
  2. Use the free time that has appeared to get to know yourself and return to your hobbies.
  3. Now you need to fill the gap in your emotional support system. No, you don’t have to switch to a new partner right away. You can sit at the bar with friends or call your parents. Don’t close yourself alone with your worries.

Now you know all the breakup effects on guys and get a couple of good recommendations to get over it. Stay tuned for our posts!

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