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This article will help you detect all the fake boobs around you at one single glimpse. 

Why do girls continue to undergo plastic breast augmentation surgery if it has long been known that men prefer smaller but natural? Yet, we are still here where Pamela Anderson instructed women to be: in clinics, ready to get new breasts. So, poor men are compelled to look for such lists: how to distinguish the fake breast from the real one?

If you are an admirer of everything natural, it’s OK that you want to know whether the girl you like ‘contains some silicone.’ Before we start our checklist, let’s unlearn some myths about fake breasts!

Fake breasts myths

Myth #1. One of the main misconceptions regarding fake breasts is the opinion that they are thicker to the touch.

In fact, this applies only to implants of the first generation, which are practically not used in modern plastic surgery.

The latest materials and advanced surgery techniques (including the partial placement of the implant directly under the pectoral muscle) make silicone breasts absolutely the same to the touch as the real one. The main thing is to choose an adequate size.

Myth #2. There should be a noticeable scar from the incision after the surgery.

Actually, the technique of making incisions under the breasts is gradually becoming past.

For the time being, an incision is made to place the capsule either in the area of the nipple or under the armpit. In this case, the filler is pumped into the capsule after its installation.

Now you know some false statements. It is high time to learn where to look while making your little investigation.

Real signs of fakeness

Sign #1. No motion

The mammary glands, just like the surrounding fat layer and connective tissue, are a part of the female breast—when the body moves, the breast must also move.

Natural breasts will always “bounce” while running. Breast implants are only capsules filled with silicone, cohesive gel, or water-salt solution. When the body moves, such a liquid can only move inside the capsule, keeping the breasts relatively motionless.

Sign #2. It is too high

Silicone implants are designed to make your breasts perfect. If initially there were only four sizes of implants, more than 500 models are currently available to plastic surgeons.

In the case of natural breasts, the bra “improves” its shape, lifting and holding it up. However, breast implants do not need a bra to be lifted, as they are initially slightly higher. So, silicone breasts will look the same in a bra and without it.

Sign #3. Too explicit cleavage

Usually, the area between the breasts has a natural “soft” shape without any noticeable lumps under the skin. In addition, when a girl lies on her back, the distance between the left and right breasts most often increases slightly. So, keep your eyes widely open while being on the beach!

Sign #4. They look like melons

The natural shape of the breast is more like a pear or a drop, and if it is more like a round melon, then silicone probably is mixed up in the affair. This is due to the perfectly round shape of the implants per se. On the contrary, a real breast is denser from the bottom.

Sign #5. You can hear the sloshing

Though you may need a stethoscope (or just complete silence) for such a test, this method works. Women breasts with implants containing saline instead of silicone sometimes make a squelching sound when moving.

If the implant is not completely filled, there will remain an air pocket that produces sound. Of course, you won’t hear it outdoors. Yet, in an intimate atmosphere, be ready to perceive it clearly.

Sign #6. It’s disproportionally large

When a skinny girl has watermelon-sized breasts, it should raise suspicions. Let’s face it, not all girls are Emily Ratajkowski. So, usually slim girls have small breasts.

Can you call yourself a Boobs expert after reading the article up to the very end? Oh yeah, don’t mistrust your powers next time!

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