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We bet you don’t know these facts about kisses, regardless of how experienced you are! 

Remember the tale about Sleeping Beauty who was brought back to life with a single kiss? Although this is only a fairy tale, there is still some truth in it. Of course, a kiss is unlikely to bring somebody to life; but it’s quite capable of improving people’s health. We picked the most curious and overwhelming facts about kisses that most of you have probably never heard about. Without further ado, let’s move on to them!

1. People do not know why they kiss

The intertwining of tongues is a strange thing, isn’t it? If we ignore all this romance, the kiss may even seem vile. Then why are kisses so popular and so sweet? Scholars still do not know if kissing is learned or instinctual. In some cultures in Africa and Asia, people don’t even kiss at all!

According to one of the most common theories, with a kiss, people exchange biological information and “check” whether this or that person suits them. Smell, taste, sound, and tactile sensations during a kiss help us determine whether we want to kiss a particular person again. So if you literally don’t like kissing with your mate, you should think about the future of your relationship. Maybe, you just do not fit each other?

2. Kisses make you feel safe

During a kiss, the level of the stress hormone cortisol decreases, and endorphins and oxytocin are produced. This way, a person begins to feel safer, happier, and more cheerful. So if you feel a little bit insecure, now you know what to do.

3. While kissing, people more often tilt their heads to the right

Scientists from the Ruhr University in Germany found out that 65% of people move their heads to the right while smooching. From a scientific point of view, it depends on the cultural and spatial habits of kiss initiators, as well as their handedness.

4. PDA is not quite PDA

The reason why people kiss in public is not quite the manifestation of feelings. The researches show that this way people rather show off. Let me explain. Girls do that to evoke the envy of other girls; boys do that to show what cool players they are. So, next time you see the two eating each other’s faces in a grocery store, just know, they want to achieve their personal psychological goals. Go easy on them.

5. Women can reach an orgasm through kissing

Women’s lips are more sensitive as they have more nerve endings than almost any other part of the body. Lips are 100 times more sensitive than fingertips and are even more sensitive than the clitoris: 10 thousand nerve-endings versus 8 thousand. That’s why kissing is so nice! No offense, boys.

6. Your mouth is your weapon

According to a study by Evolutionary Psychology, there are three major factors that kill the desire to kiss from the women’s perspective: the smell of sweat, a short chin and in the first place—bad teeth and breath. Women pay huge attention to men’s teeth. If your teeth aren’t in perfect condition, even a pretty face, a nice smell, or a good outfit won’t save the situation.

7. The more you kiss, the longer you live and the more you earn

A study conducted in the 1980s showed that men who kissed their wives before leaving their homes lived longer; they were less likely to have road accidents and had higher incomes than those who did not. That’s a motivation, huh?

8. The first kiss is more memorable than first sex

Butler Bohannon from Butler University interviewed 500 people about their recollections of the very first experiences in their lives. As the survey showed, people remembered their first kiss much more clearly rather than the first sex.

9. While kissing, you exchange millions of bacteria, and that’s cool!

During the kiss, you and your partner exchange 80 million different germs. In fact, this is more than can be found in a public restroom! 95% of bacteria are completely harmless. The rest 5% can actually cause some diseases. Still, don’t worry too much. With these bacteria, your body hones its protective methods. In other words, this is extremely beneficial for your immune system.

10. Watch out for the ears

Be careful when kissing somebody’s ears. A kiss in front of the auditory canal can stun your partner, cause ringing, sensitivity to sound, or even make your mate deaf! The thing is such a kiss creates strong suction that affects the delicate eardrum. Dr. Levi Reiter from Hofstra University is exploring the phenomenon and says that the number of “kisses of deaf” is increasing.

One more bonus fact for you: The longest kiss lasted 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds. The record holders were the Thai couple who received a prize of about $3,000 and two rings with diamonds. This is the couple to take the cue from!


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