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So, you’ve reached the third date. You are luckier than half of all singles on the Earth. What does it mean for you? And for your partner? Let’s find out today.

Really. The third date with the same person? You two must be really compatible… or attractive. Cause what else can drive two mature people to leave their comfy houses to see each other not once, not twice, but thrice?

So, is the third date important?

It’s essential as much as you see it. It’s so individual there is no sense in generalizing people’s dating experience. But of course, it is important to a certain extent for each of you as you took the time and energy to see each other a couple of times.

But! There is a difference between how girls and boys see that. Girls would never go on a second date with a man they don’t like, while boys can easily go on dates with girls they don’t like much.

We discuss it below. Read on!

What does a third date mean for guys? And for girls?

For guys 

  • Guys often anticipate the third date because of the “third date rule”, which presupposes that you are officially allowed to get physical.
  • A girl left a great first and second impression, so she is “chosen”.
  • You aren’t dating yet. You’re just getting to know each other.

For girls

  • This person is very special as a girl would never go out with someone who is not perfect.
  • She is highly interested and wants to know this person better.
  • If she didn’t kiss a man on date 3, she’s here for the food. If a girl doesn’t feel the desire to kiss and hug a man by the 3rd date, if a girl absolutely cannot imagine herself in bed with him, she does not need another time to start trusting him.

What’s the third date rule?

The 3rd date rule is the rule that exists but doesn’t work. It says you should have sex with the person only after the third date to get your relationship serious.

In fact, people can have sex on the first date and then build a serious relationship, as well. The clue is the connection between people. People may reach it on the first date, that’s normal. Some people feel it only on the 5th or 15th date. That’s also normal.

What should you realize by the third date?

  • What are their relationship goals? Do they match with yours? It’s important to know if you want the same thing from your dates. Otherwise, it may appear that one person seeks a serious relationship and another a one-night stand.
  • Are your life values similar? If you are a family-oriented person and your new acquaintance has a career in the first place, you are not a good match for each other in the long-term perspective.
  • Would you like to continue seeing that person? Rely on your own feelings. If you are just bored, it’s better to find a new hobby.

Will you be an exclusive couple after the third date? Not necessarily. It depends on how connected you are.

What time should pass between your second and third date?

Don’t wait. If you make your partner wait, it means a lack of interest. It’s better to plan the third date while you are on the second.

Plus, it still can happen that you won’t find each other compatible, so that’s another reason not to waste time.

What is our third date advice for you?

Here is Holoscreenprotector’s dating advice on your third date.

1. Talk more

The main thing about the third date (about all the rest as well) is that you two should feel comfortable. You should choose an activity that you both love and discuss your own aims, aspirations, and hobbies.

Ask more questions! You need to “investigate” a person’s character, how he reacts to certain situations, their negotiating skills, and assertiveness. Ask specific, detailed questions as they will help you determine if it is worth spending time with this person and building a relationship with them.

2. Watch their behavior

How does this person behave in public? Are they loud or rough? How do they treat waiters? Do they want to get to know more about you, or are they only talking about themselves? Observe their body language to see if they are telling the truth.

3. Set the rules in advance

It’s you who can make your dates successful. Make sure you formulate your rules and expectations ahead of time. This will help you attract the person you deserve and not waste time.

If your partner accepts them, no questions asked, he is worth your time.

4. Add romance

Yes, that’s what the doctor ordered. You can touch each other without seeming “too open-minded”. If you feel comfortable with this person, and there is chemistry between you, you can relax and enjoy a little bit of smooching.

A kiss will strengthen the connection between you, so make it a memorable one. If you are not ready for physical intimacy, limit yourself to short, gentle kisses. For instance, you can kiss a person goodbye. It will help your partner anticipate the next date to continue what you have just started.

5. Follow your instincts

You should already feel relaxed with the person on the third date. You already understand whether you are interested in this person. Do not doubt – trust your gut and instincts.

6. Don’t tell everything about yourself

That’s unspoken third date etiquette. Make the pleasure of getting to know each other last. Don’t spill the tea right away. This way, you will make the person Want to learn more about you.

We wish you successful dates,

Your Holoscreenprotector ❤️

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