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We challenge you to spice up your life in Colorado Springs a bit: try to visit all 5 locations described in this article with your partner and comment below which date night in Colorado Springs you like more.

You have to admit, life is fleeting, and it’s all about routine. We want you to change the game and fill your life with happy moments, great emotions, and love. It will be easy since we have prepared the top 5 Colorado Springs date night ideas for you to start with.

Read on and be mindful –  you will get inspired quickly.

1. Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Image source: @dinnerdetective

Comedy + detective + dinner equals a pleasant pastime and a full stomach. You can become a part of a theater show: a prime suspect, for example. You can get your date involved in the show, as well. Such a little trick will cost you an additional twenty bucks.

If you become a real investigator and tell who the murder is, you will be given a special prize.

That’s why this venue is number one in our list of date night ideas, Colorado Springs.

What to take into account:

  • The menu is not diverse but tasty.
  • The bar menu is more diverse.
  • There is a dress code: business casual/dressy casual.
  • You should be 15+ y.o., So bring your ID card.

Good for: Couples
Address: Great Wolf Lodge, 9494 Federal Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Working hours: Saturday nights, 2-3 times a month, most shows run 6 – 9 p. m.
Phone: 866 496 0535
Website: https://www.thedinnerdetective.com/colorado-springs

2. Cosmo’s Magic Theater

Image source: @cosmosmagictheater

Add some magic and jazz to your daily life cause why not? Cosmo Solano, the true wizard guy, will help you with it. His shows and performaleces are super popular among all Colo Springs magic world fans.

Vintage decor, sophisticated ambiance, and live music create an indescribable atmosphere of this place – the 1920s, local speakeasy, old America.

The showtime is 45 minutes.

Good for: Couples, magic fans, music lovers.
Address: 2780 Janitell Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Working hours: Showtimes will appear after the Covid-19 ban lifting.
Phone: 719 800 2780
Website: https://www.cosmosmagictheater.com

3. Tea and a Night at Glen Eyrie Castle

Image source: @gleneyriecastle

If escaping ordinary life is something that you currently need as fresh air, Glen Eyrie Castle is the place for you both.

Come there for tea, take a tour around the castle and stay overnight in a sumptuous room. In the morning, you will get free breakfast: fresh, homemade pastries, entrees, and a large variety of dishes.

The Castle amenities – fitness, hiking, board and outdoor games, hammocks, and ropes courses – will make your date not only relaxing but fun and adventurous, too.

  • Tea cost: $24 per person.
  • Tea sessions include salads, canape, cheese courses, and sweets besides tea itself.
  • Special diets are accommodated: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.
  • Average nightly rates from $194.65 to $251.92.

Good for: Couples, peace & fun seekers
Address: 3820 North 30th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Working hours: 24/7
Phone: 719 265 7050
Website: https://gleneyrie.org

4. Loonees Comedy Corner

Image source: @LooneesComedy

Experience some ‘rolling on the floor laughing’ at Loonees Comedy Corner. It’s a truly unique place as it’s the only night club dedicated to comedy in Colorado Springs. It’s featuring national touring comedy acts every weekend, so you can feel free to plan your next Saturday there.

It is one of the funniest date night ideas Colorado Springs can offer. You won’t regret your choice.

  • The standard price per show is just $6.
  • Shown on Fridays and Saturdays are $10.
  • There is two-item-minimum per person.
  • You should be 21+ y.o., or 18+ y.o. on Thursdays.
  • Buying tickets online, you save 20% per ticket.

Good for: Couples, Humor and laugh
Address: Loonees Comedy Corner 1305 N Academy
Working hours: Thursday (one show) –  at 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday (two shows) –  7 p.m. & 9:30 p.m. Doors open at 6:15.
Phone: 719 591 0707
Website: https://looneescc.wixsite.com/loonees

5. Broadmoor’s Golden Bee

Image source: https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-golden-bee-colorado-springs

This place is a typical British pub with traditional but a little bit modified for the American taste menu.

They say it’s the most authentic gastropub in Colorado Springs. It’s your task to figure out whether it’s true or not.

One of the amazing features of this pub is a live piano concert held every evening. Plus, British beer and ale will make you feel as if you are on the British Isles.

  • They throw bees at you sometimes. You will understand what bees we mean after you visit the pub.
  • Food can be pricey.

Good for: Couples, music lovers
Address: 1 Lake Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Working hours: 11:30 a. m. – 10 p. m., A break time is 3 – 5 p. m. on Monday-Thursday
Phone: 866 381 8432, 719 577 5733.
Website: https://www.broadmoor.com/dining/golden-bee


We have provided you with five best date night Colorado Springs ideas. All you need now is to have got a nice person next to you.

If you haven’t found your perfect match yet, Holoscreenprotector can help. There is a huge base of Colorado Springs singles, so don’t hesitate to register. 

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