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The nights in a city surrounded by the hot desert sands are too wonderful to enjoy them alone. It can be a reason to open a charming side of date night in Tucson. We don’t mean the romaletic sunset with a glass of wine on your balcony, watching movies on your couch with the bucket of ice-cream, or a party at the nightclub: it suits your routine actions with your beloved person, but too simple for a special weekend.

We have a better solution: spice up your life with our list of Tucson date night ideas! We prepared several fresh tips on how you can spend your romaletic evening, make it unforgettable and full of experience.

1. Enjoy the show of Carnival of Illusion 

Image source: https://southernarizonaguide.com/

Carnival of Illusions is a magic theatre at an intimate venue that moves you to the 1800s with its classic tricks, vintage costumes, and fun atmosphere of vaudeville with Parisien humor. The performers, famous Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed, are charming and really know how to mesmerize people. They engage the audience in the show, so you have all chances to find yourself or your partner on the scene.   

After the performalece, you can purchase their items for sale to remember this evening full of fun, laugh, and magic. It’s interesting that money from these sales goes to libraries to buy magic books.

The artists perform not just in Tucson, but also in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, so plan your visit and book tickets. 

Good for: Couples, Families, Nightlife

Address: 306 N Alvernon Way Scottish Rite Grand Parlour, Tucson, AZ 85711-2855

Working hours: Sun-Sat 9:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m

Phone: +1 480-359-7469

Website: https://www.carnivalofillusion.com/ 

2. Have fun at the Gaslight Theatre

Image source: www.tucsonlocalmedia.com/

The small tables of the Gaslight Theatre are designed as if for a date or a fun evening with close friends. There, you can enjoy the quality parody of western comedy with great music, dancing, singing, and corny jokes. 

Actors and musicians are top-notch. They are dressed in colorful vintage costumes and play so well that the audience can’t stop laughing and singing with them. The administration offers visitors free popcorn, and if you have a birthday, a free ice cream cone to the accompaniment of the piano. It’s a very popular show. Many locals and Tucson guests want to take a rest from troubles at Gaslight Theatre, so it would be better to make a reservation.

Good for: Couples, Families, Nightlife

Address: 7010 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710-2805

Working hours: See the event calendar

Phone: +1 520-886-9428

Website: https://www.thegaslighttheatre.com/ 

3. Go to Reid Park Zoo 

Image source: https://tucson.com/

Reid Park Zoo looks differently at night: there are a festive atmosphere and expectation of something great and magical, just like in childhood. 

The trees are decorated with garlands. You can see light sculptures of animals everywhere and enjoy the pleasant music. Organizers offer visitors drinks that depend on the theme of the festival. For example, it can be a cup of hot sweet cocoa or a cold beer. Also, you can buy something in the frames of the show.

Such kind of activity in the Reid Park Zoo takes place in the run-up to the holidays, so check their website to find information about the nearest Zoo Lights. 

Good for: Couples, Families

Address: 3400 Zoo Ct, Tucson, AZ 85716

Working hours: daily 8:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m, check the event calendar to find the night show

Phone: +1 520-791-3204

Website: https://reidparkzoo.org/ 

4. Visit the Biosphere 2 

Image source: www.raisingarizonakids.com/

If you take care of ecology and environmental protection, you need to visit a Biosphere. It’s a place where scientists observe and study the ecosystem of our planet, so to get an educational experience can be an extraordinary idea for a date.

To better understand the Biosphere 2 mission, we recommend you take a guided tour and learn more about the possible future of rain forests or oceans, or about the Biosphere 2 construction. 

A truly stunning and romaletic sight is to see the Santa Catalina Mountains and Biosphere 2 lit at night. To do it, you should take a night driving tour. It’s a great excursion with the guide in your car. 

Good for: Couples, Families, Educational

Address: 32540 S Biosphere Rd, Oracle, AZ 85623

Working hours: Fri-Sat 6:00 p.m – 10 p.m

Phone: +1 520-621-4800

Website: https://biosphere2.org/ 

5. Relax at the Sidecar

Image source: www.facebook.com/barsidecar/

Plan your date in the romaletic atmosphere of the Sidecar. Dim lighting, wooden tables, and great cocktails win your hearts. 

A date night at the bar is a classic choice, especially if you need to relax after working week and aren’t ready for something more active. Sidecar is located downtown and seems so cozy with its fleshlights on the terrace with outdoor seats. Inside the Sidecar, there are no loud voices and noisy music, so you can enjoy your pleasant conversation and a perfect mix of flavors in your cocktail. Bartenders like and know what they do, so you can tell about your preferences and get an amazing crafted drink.

Good for: Couples, Families, Nightlife

Address: 139 S Eastbourne, Tucson, AZ 85716

Working hours: Thu-Sat 3:00 p.m – 9:00 p.m

Phone: +1 520-795-1819

Website: http://www.barsidecar.com/ 


If you haven’t someone to visit all these places in Tucson and enjoy an outstanding romaletic date, we can help you make your dream about love come true. Sign up on Holoscreenprotector – it’s your first step to successful romaletic relationships.

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