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Of course, we played hankey-pankey with you a little — you can’t get over the person you loved painlessly. However, you can alleviate this pain and try to move on. We are explaining how.

#1 Keep yourself busy

Work. Be active. When you have something to do (watching Netflix does not count), you free your mind from all that is superfluous and negative, you simply will not have time to think about your ex. Do something, find a hobby, move up the career ladder, go somewhere with old friends.

#2 Tackle sports

Get a gym membership or start jogging in the morning. Go in for sports. This will strengthen your body, mind, and soul so that you become less emotional and more productive. You might even find your new love in the gym.

#3 Do not be a couch potato

Sitting at home, watching TV series and scrolling through your ex’s profile will definitely not help you forget him faster. Switch your mind to something else. Get out of your apartment as often as you can. And don’t hang out in places that remind you of him.

#4 Do not get drunk

The worst thing you can do in your situation is to get drunk. Eventually, you will end up finding yourself in the company of some fools from a nightclub, whom you will never want to see again, and the whole next day, you will spend in depression. Pull yourself together. You don’t need alcohol to forget a guy. Only weak people do this. Are you a weak person? Of course not.

#5 Don’t go crazy, embrace this pain

Do not try to forget your love completely. After all, not so long ago, you loved each other — do not be angry at him or yourself. Forgiving yourself and him is the first step towards a “recovery” after the break-up. Accept the fact that everything is over, and life does not end there.

#6 Do not look for a new boyfriend

Hold on, hold on! If you have recently broken up with a guy, do not look for a new boyfriend. Give yourself some time. You would have felt even worse if you had known that he has already got a new girl. Respect each other. Moreover, you are not ready for that, believe us.

You just make your new partner a “band-aid” for heartache. From own experience, we can say that nothing good comes of such a relationship. It is better to give your soul the opportunity to relax, rethink the bitter experience, become stronger. It takes time. Each has its own countdown – someone will need a few months, someone a year.

#7 Be positive

Paulo Coelho wrote ‘when someone leaves, it’s because someone else is about to arrive.’ If your boyfriend broke up with you, there is a reason for this. Maybe it’s for the best, even if your heart is broken. Look at it in a positive way.

If you hadn’t parted, you wouldn’t have met another guy. Let yourself see new opportunities in life, look at familiar things from a new perspective. You cannot forget the ex – not because of him, but because of yourself – you do not allow yourself to forget him. Let everything go, live on. It is much easier than you think.

#8 Do you enjoy the pain? Forget it

Just think about it … Like when you feel bad? Maybe you are impressed by being a victim. Not? Be honest with yourself. We know, maybe now you feel terrible. But it won’t last long.

The best way to forget your ex-boyfriend is to stop thinking about him. Change the course of your thoughts. Accept the situation as it is. This break up is not the end, but only the beginning of your new, happy life.

#9 Love yourself

Life is a strange thing. Remember that somewhere there is your soulmate, you will find true love. Open up, because your ideal man can walk near you, but you don’t notice him. Everything is possible. The main thing that you must do now is to accept the situation as it is. Love yourself and then the world will love you.

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