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What’s wrong with this dude, why won’t he kiss me? Maybe something wrong with me? – If such questions constantly tear apart your mind, this article will help you figure everything up.

Even a simple kiss is always romantic, breathtaking, and so enjoyable. And honestly, does love really exist without kisses? Sometimes girls complain that they met the loveliest guy (courteous, stylish, handsome, etc.), with whom they had met more than once, but a kiss remains to be the unaffordable luxury. If none of your 101 dates ended with a kiss, don’t be too lazy to read the article till the end! 

All of us are unique. The expression of sentiments, the choice of a partner, the response to the advertency of the opposite sex depend on a person. That’s why now I will try to find possible explanations of why your crush is so cold.

Pay attention to yourself

Before I start to blame all the men, I would also like to pay your attention to oral hygiene and the health of the digestive tract. If you have stomach problems or have caries, then a bad breath can discourage your hero from kissing you. Also, watch the whole tidiness of your body. The finger-nails in mourning, the sweaty odor, and other ill-favored stuff are not welcomed.

He is too serious

Some men look at the girl as if the goddess who can be offended by his slightest wrongdoing – “goodbye” to a beautiful future together. Most likely, he has serious intentions, and not just wants to have some fun, hang up with another beauty. For him, a kiss is the first step of intimate openness, followed by passion, the desire to spend the night with his beloved. He is not in a hurry to kiss, so as not to poison your favorable impression of him. Probably, he doesn’t want to seem as obsessive maniac. So, you are even lucky to meet such a guy: there can be kisses and passionate hugs, and maybe even a wedding, and a happy family.

He is too shy

The fact that he is a man does not necessarily presuppose bravery of a spartan warrior. Especially when it comes to love affairs. Believe me, this macho guy can literally die from a passion for you, but he does not dare to kiss the girlfriend first. Verdict: your boyfriend is indecisive and timid. 

Only you can save the day in this case. But you have to act carefully, gently, so as not to frighten this timid dare. For instance, when you sit shoulder to shoulder (watching a movie or in the subway), get your face closer to his face for him to feel your breath: the instinct of ‘bonding and intimacy’ should kick in and a kiss won’t be long in happening. Well, if he is too “nerd,” not to turn into a teacher-and-student or mother-and-son, maybe you should look for a more manly man?

He + you = Romantic Friendship 

Yes, yes, no matter how hurt you are, but he may don’t want to kiss you, because there is only friendship between you. Look closely at his behavior, for sure he enthusiastically looks at other girls, and communicates with you as a friend, and kisses goodbye only on your cheek. He just hasn’t chosen a girl yet, but he wants female communication. Will your friendships grow into love? In 70 out of 100 cases, he finds another girl. Try to look at him as a friend. Look for passionate kisses with those who have been looking at you with eyes full of love for a long time. Just look around!

He is an ice-man

What to do when the two live together for a while without kissing? Often a woman is looking for the roots of his coldness in herself, but it’s not always her behavior and complexes.

Sexologists consider kissing an emotional revelation. By avoiding kissing on the lips, the man demonstrates his egoism, inability to love, to express tenderness and affection, to say compliments. Usually, such men are busy only with themselves and their interests, and the most paradoxical thing is that they can be gentle with other women, and quite easily can say beautiful words addressed to them. To re-educate this dude is impossible to my mind (but you can try) if he does not understand how precious you are. Usually, such couples fall into the oblivion, sorry.


According to the scientists’ surveys, the kiss has a positive effect on a person. It activates all the chemical reactions that stimulate a positive mood. The eyes of lovers who like and DO kiss much are full of joyous shine. Besides, scientists claim that a kiss prolongs the life of the one who gives it.

That’s why now let’s kiss someone we like and savor each other’s company! xoxo


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