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If you shake with a fright every time you get aquatinted with a boy or a girl, you need this article as fresh air. Read on, and you will know how to stop being an average frustrated chump (AFC) and become a true pickup artist (PUA).

Your popularity depends not only and not so much on appearance, intellect, or financial state; but on some qualities which people value and that are undoubtedly much more important.

First of all, such qualities include self-confidence and assertiveness (but not obstinacy). Unfortunately, or to the joy of pickups, they are quite rare among men and women. A positive point—they can be easily developed.

With this article, you will learn how to seduce every person successfully. 

Eyes magnetism 

Under no circumstances should you rush to start a conversation with a girl you like. For your communication to be as comfortable and effective as possible, the girl should be gradually prepared for the upcoming conversation. 

Remember that you are an unfamiliar person for her. If she walks (sits) alone, she is most likely deep in thought. Your sudden appearance can lead to fright and confusion. That’s not the first impression that we are striving for! 

Your approaching to her should be as comfortable and natural as possible. For this reason, before you go up and start talking, be patient and wait for the girl to notice you. To do this, you can just sit down next to her. There should be such a distance between you which makes the girl understand that you are not a casual passerby, but a person who is doing it intentionally. Let her catch your eye. However, watch her private space; otherwise, she will feel uncomfortable. 

Gentle coming-in

One of the most important pickup rules based on the principle says that the first impression is the foundation on which all further communication is built. You have already begun to create this impression, and it’s time to consolidate it. 

Do not use common patterns, because each girl (or boy) is unique. What worked for one may not work for others. Adapt to her appearance, behavior, and other apparent aspects of her personality and character. 

The best way to leave a favorable impression about yourself is to make her or him smile. For example, write “smile, it suits you” on the back of your business card. Give it to her and wait till she reads and realizes what is going on. Compliment her shoes, eyes, hair—anything. Smile while looking at her. If she smiles back, the contact is established, and you can move on.

Vital to remember: never be afraid of using your imagination. It is pleasant for a girl to become an object of interest of a stranger, which means that she will look with favor on you in any case. 


The no-luck pattern of how to start a conversation is an attempt to immediately touch upon those strings of her or his soul that are not open to random people. Do not talk about religion, morality, family, childhood, and other personal moments of life. 

Try to ensure that your dialogue is as easy and pleasant as possible. Talk about the weather, ask about the mood, the purpose of the journey, or offer help. It always works! If girls or boys feel that it is not required to reflect on the reasons for existence, they will gladly support any superficial topic. Always monitor the person’s reaction and draw certain conclusions based on the answers. 

Show your interest 

Another significant rule is to be unafraid of showing your interest in her as a woman. She should not feel that you are deceiving her; otherwise, she will go into a shell.

Give her compliments, say that her figure is perfect, sexy, she smells wonderful, and so on. Do not be afraid and do not be shy. Of course, you should not invite her to your home with the first phrase, but translating some moments into a subtle joke is useful. Thus, you give her a hint that you are attracted to her. This will allow the girl to feel more relaxed. 

But do not overpraise her and prioritize the conversation carefully. 

Teasing and nagging

We are moving to some big guns. 

Teasing. This method of communication requires throwing a girl with conflicting signals, either raising a wall or, conversely, violating her boundaries. For instance, during the date, take her hand as she gets into the car and then take it away, showing that it’s too early to hold hands. 

In fact, the meaning of this technique is the restructuring of relations of power. This is what we used to call patriarchy. Men have more money, power, access to prestigious professions, and so on. However, things are not so simple for pickup artists: there are separate areas (like nightclubs and parties), where in the first place goes not to the power and money, but to the erotic capital, which girls have more than men. Consequently, pickup artists are striving for a revolution. They want to deprive women of erotic power, the power to choose and abandon men.

For such a restructuring of power relations to happen, pickup artists use a more powerful tool in addition to teasing. It is called nagging. This is an ambiguous statement or seemingly random insult that the pickup artist says to the beautiful woman to demonstrate an insufficient interest in her.” 

For example, you can notice, “You have lipstick on your teeth.” Such an ironically aggressive style of communication, replete with ambiguous provocations, is designed to draw a girl into the game according to your rules. This is the game where the leader tries to ironically reduce the value of the opponent, devalue her erotic capital, and thereby reverse unequal relationships.

Everywhere, anytime

You can get acquainted with a girl anytime, anywhere. It is possible and even necessary because this is a natural process, so there is certainly nothing to be afraid of. Moreover, getting acquainted in unexpected places, you have a great chance to play a shocking and such a useful concept as “fate brought us together.” 

Remember that any girl subconsciously wants attention. For this, they dress beautifully, sometimes provocatively (for men, and not for themselves!), they spend hours applying makeup and do waxing. Do not be afraid to get acquainted in the subway, public transport, college, and other ordinary places. In the end, acquaintance is not a date yet. So be yourself, use your imagination, but don’t lie. 

We hope that this article will help some average frustrated chumps (AFC) turn into pickup artists (PUA)! Just be fond of adventure! We believe you will succeed.


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