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I will start from the beginning. My friend and I were sitting in her kitchen drinking coffee, and I don’t know how but we started talking about dates and these damn horrible preparations. In my case, it’s always like “omagad what should I wear, this or that, and where are my best pants?’ But my friend approaches the matter in her way, which is much more complicated and sophisticated. So I decided to tell you about some trick I learned from her that evening.

Nancy Drew Mode on!

That’s ‘action’ is needed when you are going out with a guy you do not know well. Probably, you have met at the cinema or at the pet store, buying some dog food. What to do?

1)Find all his Social media accounts, gather info:

  • the area of interests;
  • friends and exes;
  • favorite habitat of this beastie;
  • party bummer or homebody;
  • zodiac sign! -one of my fav points – check your compatibility in advance – just to relax, no need to believe it 100%.

Is this point for paranoid? Definitely yes, but the more info you get, the more prepared you are! That way, you create a profile (like a criminal one) and can figure out what to expect from this person.

Of course, if you met on Facebook, forget about this point. Focus on the following steps.

Natural appearance!

There is no need to pretend. Do not dress up to kill and do not apply the mourning on your eye-lids. In order not to floor every bypasser and your boy, your clothes and makeup should be as ‘you’ as possible. 

What to take into account:

2) Know the place you are going to and dress accordingly; If you are going to the theatre, pair of jeans bringing out the beauty of your butt is not the best choice.

3) Waterproof mascara and tough makeup. Natural beauty doesn’t presuppose the absence of any makeup necessarily. Just think of more stubborn makeup if you don’t want to leave half of your face on his shoulder!

4) Advertisement! Hygienic lipstick is your damn best friend for all the times! Who loves to kiss a Sahara desert?

Control and protective measures!

Now serious. Here we talk both about your safety (what if the guy is crazy maniac type) and about safe sex.

5) Pepper spray or at least sharpen claws at hand. You never know…

6) It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl. If you are mature enough AND  plan to get a little nasty and go further than just a kiss, always think about safety: it involves the use of a condom or other methods of individual protection.

7) Tell somebody where do you go and with whom, just in case. Mate, we live in dark times, take care of yourself.

The odd man out!

8) Warn people not to call you all the time. Otherwise, you will be distracted, and the date will turn into your negotiations with the phone.

9) Put your telephone in the back pocket of your purse but not too far (see the previous point)

10) Do not invite friends and do not allow your partner to do that. That’s obvious, two is a company, three is a freaking party.


11) The smell is one of the most appealing features both for men and women. Use deodorant and add a little of eau de toilette. No need bath in it, a couple of drops on your wrists and behind your ears: for wrists if somebody will kiss your hand as a greeting (antique but happens) and behind your ears for goodbye hug or kiss. Get the hint?

If now you are getting ready for the date, good luck to you! Hope my tips were useful!

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