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Do you want to spice up your relationship a little? Go for it! Take the most tempting selfie he’s ever seen! We are providing all the instructions today. Read up to the end to learn all the tips and the one nobody speaks about. For the most patient ones, we’ve prepared some cool ideas for a hot photoshoot, keep your eyes wide open. 

Basic nude rules

  1. Engage in intrigue

Beautiful nude requires a place for imagination. For instance, take a pic of yourself not completely naked, but in lace underwear. By the way, maybe this is the only case when he will really look at it, trying to see what is seductively hidden. In life, he just takes everything off, not even remembering the color of your underwear. Mmm, sweet revenge!

  1. Show your imagination

To evoke a desire to come back to you as soon as possible, show your genuine creativity. Instead of a boring naked soldier-pose selfie in the mirror, try to portray a dance. The first picture – you are standing in underwear imitating seductive movements. The second – showing that you intend to take something off yourself (you can even ask him to choose if it is intimate texting). And for the third time, finally reward your beloved for waiting and send him yourself as you are – beautiful, tempting and completely naked.

  1. Don’t ignore the background

There should be no frying pans or vacuum cleaners. 

  1. Watch the light

Even if you have iPhone 11, and you perfectly master all the filters in Lightroom, you can get a pretty unattractive photo if the lighting is wrong. So approach this issue wisely. You can stand, for example, at the window so that daylight falls directly on you – all your natural curves, good litten, will visually seem even more appealing.

  1. Take a pose

When you take pictures of yourself in beautiful lace, try not to make the pose look tense. Therefore, do not bend too much and do not try to take an unnatural pose. If it seems to you that it is too pretentious, then try to pretend that you are doing the most usual things – lie on the couch and read a book, for instance.

sexy selfie
sexy selfie
  1. Pussy issues

This advice is more suitable for boys. After all, they do not have beautiful lace underwear, thigh-highs and gently falling long hair, like girls. Therefore, our advice to you is to photograph yourself with a fluffy cat or other cute animals that you have. This will add more ‘meow’ and ‘purr’ to the photo, and the girl will be delighted if not from your abs, then at least from the pink nose of the cat.

  1. Food

This, on the contrary, is relevant for girls. A hungry man is an angry man. Cook something delicious for your sweetheart, take a picture of it all on your phone and do not forget to add some ‘spice!’ 

  1. The point, nobody tells you about

Do not forget the most important thing – even the strongest relationships are not resistant to a break up in the future. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the photos in which you smile almost without clothes will not be made public. Especially if you send such photos to a person, who has not yet been verified by time.

Therefore, if you decide on such methods of seduction, then remember the main rule – there should be no face of yours on this pic. And do not forget to check the addressee twice!!!

Cool photoshoot concepts

  1. His clothes

Try to take an exciting photo in your underwear and in his shirt. An option for bold girls – look over your shoulder, being dressed only in his boxers. What man won’t like it?

  1. After shower

Spend a couple of seconds making a sexy photo while wearing only a towel. Your wet hair and water droplets on your skin will make thoughts about your body pop up in his head. 

  1. Focus on your lips

The simplicity of genius… A close-up shot of your lips will excite any man. Apply your favorite shade of lipstick, bite or lick your lip and feel free to send him a photo.

  1. Your back

A photo of a woman’s naked back in a mirror with an inviting look over her shoulder will turn on any man! Check yourself if you don’t believe us!

  1. Alternative to neckline

Do not get it wrong, the photo of a seductive neckline is always relevant and probably never will bore men. But what about something more original? View from below, for instance. There is nothing wrong with raising a t-shirt a bit, hinting at the outline of your chest. The main thing is not to overdo it and stick to the middle ground. Now he’ll definitely lose his mind…

Ok, got it? Took it? See him rushing at full speed to you? With flowers? 

What did we say?

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