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There is no need to say that relationship is complicated, takes a lot of hard work blah-blah. If not these crises, people would get bored, life would become so… fade. 

There is a couple of ‘good’ methods to cope with this dissatisfaction- – to break up, to take a lover, or to try to save the relationship. If love is in the air, why not to try?


There is one trick for those who want to check whether you are still close enough. Send your partner a non-verbal signal, show him/her what you want with a look. If he or she understands what you mean, you are still ‘in sync’. 

If you are truly close, you do not need words to understand each other. In the end, sometimes our words are so much trouble, especially during a crisis of relations: words only confuse and often contradict what we are trying to say. 

Try to talk less. Look in each other’s eyes more often. Having caught the gaze of a beloved one, give him/her a small sign about what you want. If he doesn’t understand you, it’s okay! Practice it. This can be turned into a fun game that will entertain you and relieve stress. In the end, thanks to this practice, you will be able to refresh your minds, look at each other from a new perspective, and bring the ‘connection’ back.

Change your habits

If you feel that the relationship is drowning in a routine, then it’s time to make changes in your common daily affairs. Have you gone out to the restaurant a hundred times? Try going to the theater. If, on the contrary, you usually have dinner at home – discover the restaurant menu. Change the park where you go for a walk in the evenings or on weekends. Take a trip together to another city or go to a museum that you have never been to. Or maybe to the circus? When everything is hard and sad in a relationship, it can be useful to please yourself a little. And when you share a new pleasant experience with your beloved one, it will help you get closer in a new way. Do not forget how wonderful it can be to spend together every day. Find something that none of you have tried before, and add vibrant colors to your life.


When was the last time you flirted with each other? Probably, at the very beginning of your relationship. Recollect how cool, interesting, and exciting it was! In fact, flirting is the most important driver of relations, not only at the beginning. It’s never late to flirt, never!

People are keen players, and flirting teases them and maintains interest, which is extremely important if you have your feelings cooling down. So, try to act like in those very times when you barely knew each other. Small notes, shy and daring at the same time, mini-skirts, gifts, and signs of attention … Even if you have been married for many years, it’s never too late to get rid of excess reflection garbage from your head and get down to the beautiful old times.

Think up a code phrase

Sometimes you want to tell your beloved something very personal and special but there are a lot of people around. Discuss the secret phrase that you will use in such cases and its meaning. It bonds people. You will always feel that something special unites you – a kind of language invented only for you two, which no one in the whole world will understand.

Be thankful

You’ve chosen this person by yourself. He or she brought a lot of pleasures to your life. But we quickly get used to the good stuff. Sometimes we lose the feeling of euphoria that the relationship gave us at the very beginning because we just forget why we fell in love with this person. The all-consuming routine sometimes overshadows the main reason – that this person is very special, that he or she won your heart, that you did not decide to share life with him or her for no reason. So, get distracted from everything passing away and think about how wonderful your beloved is! You will understand that in fact, everything is not so bad at all. You should not wait for a special invitation to happiness: everything is in your hands, and your relationship comfort depends on you.

Be frank

If you have a problem, you should talk about it. Without demagogic, unnecessary words and excessive dramatization. Speak simply and honestly, do not exaggerate and do not fall into a theater, forget about Shakespeare this time. On the other hand, if your beloved turned to you with a similar conversation, be careful: listen and try to understand what he or she wants to say (even if you are tempted to be offended by something that you heard). Do not judge and do not be biased: most problems can be solved with a reasonable and careful approach.

Plan your future

It is definitely worth planning your future life together. After all, the belief that you both has a common future as a couple will bring you two together and strengthen your relationship. Make sure you imagine it in a similar way. It would be sad if you see it differently. But even in this case, do not be afraid of open conversation.

So, a relationship on the edge of breaking up is not a sentence to death. You can still fix it. What is required here is the faith and desire of you two.


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