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“How to give my boyfriend a lap dance?” is a rather common question of those beauties who love to amaze.

It’s OK if you are not a stripteaser, but still, Beyonce spirit lives in you, that’s for sure! If you want to impress your man with a beautiful and passionate hot dance but do not know how to give a GOOD lap dance without making him helplessly laugh, this article is for you! Read and practice.

How to give a lap dance: a step-by-step guide

  1. Say your partner to get comfortable. It can be a chair, sofa or bed.
  2. Turn up the music you chose.
  3. Start moving towards your partner showing the curves of your beautiful body.
  4. Move slowly, get close to your person, bedroom eyes on.

    A girl
    Photo by brdnk vision on Unsplash

  5. Engage your partner, let him/her touch you.
  6. Change positions. You can stand, squat, be on your knees, and so on. It will make your dance dynamic.
  7. Finish your lap dance. Do it as you like: with a kiss, with you being completely naked, with you starting to undress your partner.

Basic lap dance tips you need to keep in mind

We prepared 9 tips on how to give your man a lap dance, enjoy!

Make him anticipate

Send your partner a message hinting that you have something to offer, but don’t spill out everything. Our task is to intrigue. Do it when your person is at work, for example. The person will spend the rest of this time before a date thinking about you.

Prepare your “work space”

The floor should be clean. You can bring a chair where your partner will sit, enjoying your art.

Forget about acrobatics!

It seems obvious, but you can’t even imagine how many women were injured being in the groove: bruises, torn ligaments, ankle injuries, and even concussions. Girls are going crazy when it comes to impressing men.

This is not a stage performance, and your goal is not to impress your boyfriend with a triple somersault mortal.

We’re talking about stretching. If you went to the choreography club in the third grade, you’d better be careful with leg-split.

The same applies to any jumps (take care of your head) and deflections (take care of your back). In general, it is better to move slower and with less amplitude than to go to the emergency room.

Do not do this without preparation

Any dance, even home striptease, requires preparation and warming up. It is not necessary to think through the whole dance from the first note to the last, but you must have a concept of dance.

What you need: the basic set of movements that you are going to perform and the order in which they will be performed. It is better to rehearse movements several times so that there are no surprises. Luckily, we have music videos of Cardi B, Rihanna and Doja Cat!

Wear what is easy to put off

A common mistake made by beginners is an excessive amount of clothing. It seems to them that the longer they take it off, the stronger the dance will excite the partner’s imagination.

And here we face a problem. Jammed bra hooks, you pulling off your jeans, lying on the floor… Let’s call it the end of sex drive.

A girl in a lingerie
Photo by Logan Weaver on Unsplash

What should be on you:

  • Bra. Ideally, if it is with a fastener in the front – it will be easier to take off. In fact, it is a bra that opens up incredible scope for imagination if accompanied by a harness, for instance.
  • Panties. It all depends on taste and physique, but, in fact, thongs and tanga do not look as good as you think, especially in some movements. Pay attention to other types: lace shorts, pants with a corset tightening, or even panties with a cut between legs (for bold girls).
  • Thigh-highs. You can accompany them with a belt – it will be more difficult to move with it, but the effect will be stunning.
  • Robe. You can put on a light silk robe – not the one in which you lie on the sofa on Saturdays with a cat in one hand and a laptop in the other. At the end of the day, a lap dance is a surprise, and that means your man should see you in something that he hasn’t seen before.

Wear heels

On the one hand, well, what striptease without heels? They make your feet prettier, but it’s noisy.

Why do you need not-clicking heels? Firstly, if you do not live in a private house, then you most likely have neighbors who would mind if you do that in the middle of the night.

Secondly, when the dance is performed in the club, this is one thing, you can hardly hear the sound of your heels, at home, the sound will be completely different.

Choose slow music

Familiar one. You will move more naturally and will experience the great pleasure yourself.

You should like this music. The ideal time is 2-3 minutes. The 5-minute track will be too long – both of you will get tired.

Play with hair

Hair is your stage props. We recommend you make a top knot before the dance starts and then let your hair down. Turn your head, let your man touch your curls. Your hair is your best jewelry.

You almost learned all the tips on how to do lap dance for your boyfriend, one left.

Use props but not too much

You need a chair or the edge of the bed to take off your thigh-highs. Seriously, the best way to do this erotically is to put your foot on a chair(bed), pick up the edge of the thigh-highs and pull it down.

The point is not to take too many props; you should distract your man’s attention from yourself. Take one element that will complement your image.

Conclusion: how to do a lap dance for your boyfriend

Now, you know how to give your boyfriend a lap dance. Are you ready? Remember, confidence is the key! If you still doubt, you can go to strip dance classes to learn how to do a lap dance. Then you will feel more professional.

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