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Time after separation is a time of big hopes, changes, and new plans for the future. If you are interested in separated dating you need several tips that will help you prepare for new love and healthy relationships.

No one says you that it will be easy, but now you can officially change your life and turn back to the world of datings. You need a lot of talking with understanding conversationalist, time, and several delicious dishes to start new relationships.   

Before preparing for separated dating you should think about several important things. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

#1. Discuss your new relationships with your layer

If you are a divorced person, you can skip this point, but if you are just in the divorce proceedings you should be careful and discuss it with your lawyer. If your state allows divorce on fault grounds, your new relationships (especially intimate with a new partner) can lead to the accusations of adultery. No matter if you go for lunch or dinner, you will feel inconvenient thinking about all variations of this procedure. If your lawyer says that it’s ok, and new relations will not affect the divorce proceedings, you get the green light on dating.

#2. Tell your ex-spouse about your solution

You should tell your ex-spouse about your decision to date somebody new during your divorce proceedings if you want to keep good relations with him or her. Psychologists say that this conversation is needed as well as themes of custody arrangements or financial agreements. If you discuss important things together, you show respect to each other and minimize misunderstanding.

#3. Take moment for you

After your marriage ends, you can be afraid to be alone and want to find new love as quickly as it is possible. But it doesn’t make you happy and can lead to hurt and confusion. You should understand who you are, what do you need and what do you want. Try something new: find a new hobby, meet with old friends, change your hairstyle, focus on your career… You can meet with a new personality in your mirror and try to be happy just like you are. You shouldn’t expect that someone makes you happy, doing this way you will avoid disappointment.

#4. Ask yourself if you still have feelings for your ex-spouse

Until your emotional connection is strong, you aren’t ready for new relationships. If you want to be with your ex-spouse, and dreaming about your reconciliation, don’t start new relationships. Also, you are not ready for this, if you want to make your ex-spouse jealous. Or if your ex-partner already found someone and now you are afraid to be alone. Take care of your feelings and emotions before starting searching for a new partner, and doing so you can get healthy relationships.

#5. Be sure that you need exactly this person

So, you met someone and started communication. Before you will start dating this person, honestly answer the question: Why are you doing it? Maybe, you want to get away from your sad thoughts and experiences. Maybe, it is your fear of loneliness. Or, maybe you try to replace your ex-spouse? It means that you like only the idea of relationships, nor this person. But if he or she makes you smile and your heart beats faster with him/her, it is a reason to try to create something real. 

#6. Be honest with new people

You should use a rule that honesty is the best policy everywhere, especially in relationships. Describe clearly your status: are you divorced or just separated, even if you feel embarrassing. Don’t hide your emotions, even if you think that your story seems complicated. Your new partner should know who you are, it allows you to avoid a lot of unpleasant situations in the future and gives you a chance for new strong relationships.

#7. Let you be yourself

Nobody says that divorce is a simple thing: sometimes you can feel free and open to new abilities, new people in your life, new love, and happiness. But sometimes you will blame yourself that you did something wrong in your first marriage and couldn’t keep it. It’s normal, our emotions aren’t a monumental thing. The best way to get through it is to forgive yourself and take time to figure out what happened in your little world. 

Be honest with yourself and other people in your actions, it all requires time and soon you will be happy and loved again. 

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