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Menstruation is a regular thing. However, many people treat it with prejudice and a degree of disgust. Girls mainly. Especially when it comes to sex during periods. 

We decided to hunt down this quite intimate question and answer all your questions regarding periods and sex. A little spoiler: the only thing that can ruin the intimacy is your fear of bloodstain.

Is sex during menstruation harmful?

If you do not feel acute discomfort or unbearable pain, there is no reason to give up sex during periods. However, it is worth considering that the risk of transmission of infections during menstruation rises.

First, menstrual blood itself is a breeding ground for the propagation of harmful microorganisms. On the other hand, the uterus is ajar at this time, which makes it more vulnerable.

Thus, the risk of getting some STIs is increasing for both the woman and her partner.

But it doesn’t mean that it’s forbidden, not at all! You just need protection.

Therefore, a condom is a must. No arguments!

Is it possible to get pregnant having sex during periods?

Fertility Awareness-Based Methods of Family Planning is good and claims that in the first couple of days of menstruation, the probability of conception slims to none. 

But with each subsequent day, the chances of the next sperm to become a father grow and by the fourth day reach 2%.

But there were cases… contraception won’t be odd.

What happens to sexual appetite?

In theory, the peak of libido in women occurs during ovulation, and by the beginning of the menstrual cycle decreases with the likelihood of conception. In fact, this is not true.

Many girls admit that they want intimacy at Lady time no less than the rest of the time.

This is due to the fact that in the first half of the cycle (from the beginning of menstruation to the end of ovulation), the level of the hormone progesterone, which suppresses desire, is reduced in the body. Your uterus becomes more sensitive, and the chances of getting a bright orgasm increase.


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Is there any benefit from sex during menstruation?

Of course. Sex as a whole benefits the body, and during menstruation, it can become just a saving pill. Here are just a few nice bonuses of it:

1. The intensity of menstrual cramps decreases

During menstruation, many women experience throbbing pain called menstrual cramps.

Orgasm leads to a reduction in the muscles of the uterus. But then comes complete relaxation, and a huge amount of a natural painkiller, the endorphin hormone, enters the bloodstream. So sex takes cramps away without any pills.

2. Headache passes

Studies show that 50% of women who are prone to severe headaches experience more intense and prolonged migraine attacks during menstruation. Often the problem is aggravated by nausea.

It is clear that in this state, girls most often avoid intimacy. But those who dare to have sex, despite a brain explosion, admit that thanks to sex, a headache partially or completely disappears.

3. The duration of menstruation is reduced

With every orgasm, the uterus contracts rapidly, expelling more blood than usual. This means that the body will quickly get rid of dead endometrial cells, and the duration of the flow of blood will be reduced.

4. You can forget about dryness

You definitely won’t need a lubricant, and the whole process will go more smoothly because the blood will act as a natural lubricant.

What do you need to remember while having sex during menstruation?

Following the rules is very difficult in the heat of passion. But still, you’d better take the following tips into consideration.

1. Take care of cleanliness, but don’t fix on it

No matter how you try, bloodstains will be on you, on your partner and on your underwear. To reduce the scale of the disaster, take a shower, cover the bed with a large dark towel, put wet wipes nearby. And stop worrying.

2. Practice safe sex

Given the increased risk of STI and the theoretical possibility of becoming pregnant, keep the condom at the ready.

3. Do not forget to pull out the tampon

If your partner pushes him too deep into the vagina, you will have to consult a doctor. Therefore, first, get rid of the tampon.

4. Choose a comfortable pose

During menstruation, it is most convenient to have sex in a missionary position or lying on one side. Any position when a woman is on top automatically means that there will be more blood. A doggy style, which provides deeper penetration, during menstruation can cause pain due to increased sensitivity of the genitals and low location of the uterus.

5. Grab at the chance!

There is nothing dirty or unnatural about sex during menstruation. It is as good as intimacy at any other time. What’s really important is only mutual trust, attraction and pleasure. 

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