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Oh, it’s pretty easy. You just need to know a couple of tricks. 

Kisses mean a lot both for girls and boys. If you want to make your crush go crazy about you, do it with your kisses — such a beautiful and pleasant manipulation.

Flirt and tease

Smile, say something pleasant, lean towards him, and then stop. A pause in the movement for a second will make him anticipate and understand how excited he is. Then wait while he pulls you closer and kiss him with dry lips, but not on the lips. Slowly, barely touching, run your lips over his face – forehead, temples, cheekbones. This gentle touch will bring a lot of sensations.

Classics of the genre 

Gently pinch his lower lip between your lips and pull it towards you. If at this time, your man does the same with your upper lip, the desired effect will be achieved faster. The palate is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Therefore, the next time you kiss with your tongue, draw your tongue several times through his palate. Some men claim that this can arouse sexual desire in them. 

Contrastive Kiss

Give your man contrastive kisses. To do this, pour in one glass of cold water and some hot drink (coffee or tea). Take a sip of the hot drink and touch your lips to the man’s wrist. After giving a few “hot” kisses, take a sip of cold water and begin to kiss him again. Such contrasting caresses will make a man even more impressed if he is blindfolded. 

Do not forget about his erogenous zones

  • Ears 

Slowly draw your lips around his ear, barely touching the edges of the ears. This will awaken his sensuality and receptivity. Then gently hold the earlobe over your lips and pull it slightly towards you. This is necessary in order to activate the nerve endings inside the auricle. Do not forget that the ears are one of the man’s most sensitive zones. 

  • Neck 

Another incredibly sensitive area. Many consider a kiss on the neck an expression of frank sexual desire. To excite a man, you need to kiss the side of the neck: from the ears – down. At the same time, not only kisses are good, but also light nipping of the lips and nibbling. 

  • Nipples 

Are nipples an exclusively female erogenous zone? No. Male nipples are also very sensitive. You can caress them with both the tense tip of the tongue and a relaxed tongue. As polls show, for most men, such caresses bring a lot of pleasure. 

  • Fingers 

If you think that kissing his hands does not excite him, then you are mistaken. Touch the tip of the skin between his fingers with your tongue and slowly swipe it to the tip of one of the fingers. The man will tremble with excitement, since this area, like the ears, is very sensitive. In the end, gently squeeze the tip of his finger with your lips. 

Secret “buttons” 

  • Belly 

Give it your special attention right before sex. A few gentle but passionate kisses of this zone will turn him on in a matter of seconds. But do not rush to go down – for a few minutes caress this particular place. 

  • Spine 

If your man loves when he is given a massage, then he will definitely like such an unusual massage with your tongue. Let your man lie on his stomach. Approach him from behind and touch the back of his head with your lips. Then slowly cover with kisses his spine, as well as the areas to the right and left of him, gradually sinking lower and lower. If massage with hands relaxes, then massage with tongue, on the contrary, is exciting. 

  • Legs and knees for dare-devils

Women believe that men do not like foreplay. But this again is not true. Another way to drive a man crazy is to caress the skin of his legs from the knees to the hips. Squat in front of the man and, with slow, gentle movements, run your tongue over the skin above the knees, rising gradually higher. There is a mass of nerve endings in the area of ​​the knees, which is why people are very often afraid of tickling in this place. The popliteal cavity is especially sensitive. Caress this area with the tip of your tongue, accompanying kisses with deep and slow breathing.

So, now you have it! Put these tips in your pipe and smoke it!


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