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You will never be the same again after reading the article as we’ve prepared game-changer hacks for asking strangers out.

Come clean! Haven’t you met just a perfect guy or girl up your alley but didn’t feel up to ask him or her out being slow-witted and faint-hearted? How many times we could enjoy each other’s company if we were not so stupid (sorry)! A lot. 

So, next time you see a handsome macho or beautiful mamacita, don’t hesitate, do the following!

Do not be afraid of refusal

Let’s start with the worst that can happen to you, asking somebody out – refusal. We are afraid of refusals; let’s be honest. And when we are afraid of something, we are nervous; we are dying of stress – our heartbeat quickens, we can’t breathe properly. Eventually, we are mumbling, do not look at the eyes of the new acquaintance, and sometimes talking complete nonsense. What impression does it leave? Quite an unfavorable one. 

That’s why forget about your fear of refusal. Easier said than done? Once you realize that refusals are an integral part of our lives, you won’t be afraid of them. Do you remember how many times Joanne Rowling got refuses before her book was published? Here is the same story. Besides, both girls and boys are not eager to refuse immediately; they also do not want to hurt you. So you fear should be neutralized by your genuine desire to get to know this person better and let her/him get to know you as well.

Once you chase all fear, the steel self-confidence will be reflected in your eyes. That’s what attracts people most!

Start a conversation

Right, forget about all this trivial pickup phrases. Start by observing what is common between you or the environment. Then tell a fact about yourself that correlates with this aspect and immediately ask a question to your interlocutor.

At a concert, you can make an observation about a band: “This song had a great guitar solo. This is my first time listening to this group live. Have you been to their concerts?”

You can comment on the weather: “The weather is just great. I have been waiting for heat for a long time to go kayaking again. Have you ever descended the river in kayaks?”

If you notice an interesting accessory or item of clothing on a person, you can voice your observation like: “You have a very beautiful necklace. I suddenly remembered the handmade figurines that I saw on the market in Marrakesh. Have you done it yourself?”

Or just make a compliment “Hey, your shoes are stunning! Where have you bought it?” Always works.

And do not forget to introduce yourself!

Smile and ask about the plans for a weekend

This approach will immediately pave the way for an invitation for a date. So, if the girl/boy replies that she/he is going to go to a concert with friends on Friday, then you can invite her/him on a date on Saturday.

You can use this approach instead of the direct question about the partner. If you ask about plans for the weekend, then a person will be able to answer, “I want to go bowling with my girlfriend,” for instance. You will show your interest; now it’s up to the person to decide. Again, don’t be afraid of refusal.

Exchange phone numbers

If the person agreed to go on a date with you, do not forget to exchange contact information. Find out the phone number to contact. Ask a direct question: “Can I find out your phone number?”

If you believe that a person prefers to contact you yourself, then tell your phone number: “Write down my number. Call me in the middle of the week to agree on everything.”

That’s all — time to plan the date. 

The basic rules to keep in mind


If you have a beautiful smile, healthy teeth, and pleasant breath, then you simply have to demonstrate all this to the person you liked.


Practice looking at the young woman captivatingly, and sexually, promising her with eternal happiness.

Train before giving such a look. Look in the mirror, check whether you don’t look like a fool.


Both men and women give preference to well-groomed people, rather than to characters of horror stories. 

If you look after yourself, then your chances of getting a positive answer will increase. 

Body language

Define a person’s openness by body language. If a person is friendly and smiles, looks straight ahead, does not cross his/her arms and legs, he/she is well-affected towards you. If a person crosses armы over the chest, crosses legs tightly and looks at feet or at the phone with a closed and protective posture, better not to continue inflicting company on this person.

The last and the core rule – practice 

Practice more, talk to people, get refusals, try once again, and then you will notice how easy it will be for you!

We wish you good luck. Remember – you are marvelous!


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