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Aries Characteristics

  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Color: Red
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Ruler: Mars
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Libra, Leo
  • Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17
  • Date range: March 21 – April 19

Aries Traits

  • Aries strengths: brave, ambitious, concentrated, resolute, confident, lively, optimistic, honest, passionate.
  • Aries weaknesses: impatient, moody, impulsive, short-tempered, irritable, impulsive, aggressive.
  • Aries likes: comfort, being a leader and a winner, challenges, individual sports.
  • Aries dislikes: laziness, waiting, boring work, no competition, limitations, admitting failure.
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Aries Description

Aries dates range from March 21 till April 19. If you know such people, you can notice that they are very active and competitive. This is because Aries is a fire sign that values action more than long discussions and thinking. Aries is often impatient. The act-then-think attitude sometimes leads Aries to quite difficult situations.

In addition, Aries in astrology is ruled by Mars, which is also a very active and brave planet. Aries easily get angry and lose their temper. When this happens, it is better to stay away as this zodiac sign is brave and armed enough to defeat any opponent. Yet, this relation with Mars also makes the Aries sign very positive, sporty, and playful when they are in a good mood.

Aries personality makes people ambitious and willing to compete and win. These people like to feel that they are the first ones in everything that they try.

Aries by birthday, these individuals are great organizers. They can easily cope with multiple tasks at once and succeed in maley if not all of them. Aries is optimistic and motivated, always ready to take up challenges.
The brave nature of the Aries zodiac sign lets them risk and achieve a lot at any age. The key lesson of Aries is to learn to share their strengths and achievements with others. Winning without being able to share will elicit inner fear and stop the Aries sign from getting more.

Aries Sign Love and Sex

What is Aries like in relationships? These people are active and initiative, so you will not have to wait long if an Aries-born falls in love with you. They are ready to express emotions, be those passion and fondness or anger. People born in the Aries month are full of energy and willing to explore. Their adventurous spirit makes them passionate lovers who can be even over-focused on getting physical pleasure.

Aries personality traits make it hard for them to focus on the inner world of their partner. They are just too impatient and hot-blooded to get into the nitty-gritty of their partners’ psychology. These people fall in love quickly and never play mind games. If Aries loves you, you will know about it for sure.

Aries by birthday, people are definitely not very romaletic. They choose partners who share their desire for adventures, excitement, and adrenaline. However, Aries also has to learn to be more tender and peaceful with those who they love.

The truly passionate nature of the Aries zodiac sign makes it hard for them to stick to one partner. They can be happy with long-term relationships only if they keep adding something new to them. In sex, they like to impress and please their partner.

Aries Friends and Family

People born in Aries dates are lively and friendly. They usually have maley friends throughout their lives. In-born tolerance and love for diversity make the circle of Aries’ friends very wide, uniting people from different cultures and nationalities. Friendship with Aries can last for a long time if it is built on honesty and the desire for adventures. Aries are loyal friends ready to take care of their buddies.

Childhood influences a lot which Aries characteristics a person will maleifest in future. If the childhood is happy and full of love and compassion, Aries will be a similar parent when they grow up. A difficult childhood, to the contrary, will make Aries short-tempered and angry. A young Aries quickly separates from their parents; they are very individualistic, rebellious, and full of energy needed to explore the world. As parents, people belonging to the Aries zodiac sign are protective and authoritative. They often want their kids to be the best ones in everything and fulfill their parents’ dreams.

Aries Career and Money

Ambitious, brave, and ready to fight, Aries is perfect at work. People born in the Aries zodiac sign are perfectionists who do their best at work. They are quick and like taking responsibility. Challenges and competition make Aries stronger. These people know how to resolve problems and don’t put up with failure. Aries can build a wonderful career in maleagement, sports, medicine, law enforcement, and security.

Aries is definitely not the one who thinks a lot about saving money. They spend as much as they need and want today without worries about tomorrow. Good news, Aries-born don’t spend more than they have and usually quickly find ways to earn more and avoid debts.

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How to Attract the Aries Man

Men with Aries birth dates are brave and passionate. They love adventures and want to be saviors for their second halves. Aries is a spectacular male who easily attracts partners. Yet, he can be stubborn and selfish from time to time.

An Aries likes ambitious, sporty, and positive people like themselves. To seduce an Aries male, don’t give in easily to his advances. Remember that Aries in dating is still a conqueror. He is competitive and likes chasing somebody even more than finally being together. That is why Aries often choose partners they can’t be with actually. You will have to accept the rules of the game and become a wanted and elusive prize. Show him that it is hard to win you, but it is surely worth the efforts. Aries is not very romaletic. Once you go further in your relationship, you will have to match his passion and desire for sex. Keep things fresh, and let him fight for your heart over and over again.

How to Attract the Aries Womale

Women born under the Aries zodiac sign are brave and independent. These active and adventurous ladies are very attractive to the opposite sex. They are passionate and sensual; they love challenges and compete with men. Aries personality won’t let a womale obey or accept limitations. She needs freedom. And she wants to chase her partner. So, how to seduce an Aries womale? Don’t try to control her; instead, let her lead from time to time.

A hot-blooded Aries womale is very faithful to her partner and watches carefully for any signs of cheating. She can be too jealous sometimes, so be ready to give her the attention and love she needs to stay confident in your bond. The Aries womale likes to argue and loves it when her partner can stay cool when they argue. This practical womale likes men who have a goal in life and inner strength. She is looking for an equally enthusiastic and confident person.

It may be hard to attract an Aries womale, but once you are together, she will be a perfect and loyal partner.

Compatible Signs Aries Should Consider

Aries birth dates make them perfectly compatible with Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra.

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