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Gemini Characteristics

  • Element: Air
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Color: Light-Green, Yellow
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Ruler: Mercury
  • Best Overall Compatibility: Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 14, 23
  • Date range: May 21 – June 20

Gemini Traits

  • Gemini strengths: kind, adaptable, caring, curious, quick learner, intelligent.
  • Gemini weaknesses: impulsive, inconsistent, hesitant, unreliable.
  • Gemini likes: humor, music, reading, chatting, playing games, solving problems.
  • Gemini dislikes: loneliness, limitations, routine, complaints, jealousy, wasting time.
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Gemini Description

Gemini dates last from May 21 to June 20. The Gemini personality is very tricky. This individual can be talkative and social and then can suddenly turn serious and reflective. Curious by nature, people born under the Gemini zodiac sign are exploring the world for as long as they can. They never get bored and can easily inspire everyone around them.

Gemini in astrology is ruled by Mercury, which also makes such people great communicators, writers, and artists. An open heart and mutable nature make these people perfect at trade and team sports.

Gemini is an Air sign, which makes such people sociable and forgiving, and attentive to details. Gemini tries to embrace all aspects of the situations that they face, without prejudice. They like fun and are always surrounded by people, be those friends, colleagues, or their relatives.

Gemini is innocent, believing in ideal friendship and brotherhood, and willing to sacrifice their lives for some high ideals.

Gemini Sign Love and Sex

What is Gemini like in a relationship? People born under the Gemini sign are curious and willingly flirt around. They are looking for excitement and passion and hence can have maley lovers until they finally find a person equal to them. Gemini values communication as much as physical intimacy, so a real find for them is a friend and lover in one individual.

Gemini personality traits make it hard for them to keep the fire of their emotions for a long time. With age, they usually have a list of similar disappointing relationships. The thing is, Gemini is in constant movement and can’t stop to introspect and examine their feelings and problems with their bonds. Gemini characteristics make them move here and there to try as much as possible.

Gemini in dating is not an easy partner. They like adventure and quickly get bored. In sex, they love being spontaneous and experimenting. People born under the Gemini zodiac sign can leave behind those who love them but fail to keep their pace.

Gemini Friends and Family

Gemini by birthday, these individuals are sociable and like spending time with their multiple friends. They communicate a lot and meet maley people during the week. Gemini often has a lot of things to share and discuss with their friends. Gemini has a good sense of humor and an adventurous spirit, so they make friends with those who share their desire to explore. People born in the Gemini month can seem strange for their twin personality. They easily switch their mood and change their attitude. Gemini can’t stand when somebody criticizes, ignores, or interrupts them.

Though the Gemini sign is nothing about stability, family is a crucial part of their lives. They somehow maleage to be good parents and satisfy their need for changes, freedom, and adventures. Gemini-born are loving parents who eagerly talk with their children about what is important for them. Such people are not afraid of arguing, they know that a quarrel can let people know each other better. Yet, they try to discuss personal things with their partner only when their children are away.

Gemini Career and Money

The nature of Gemini encourages them to look for an interesting job where they can use their brain, solve riddles, and learn something new. A smart and sociable Gemini will perfectly fit a dynamic job environment. They easily multitask, solve problems, and communicate with colleagues and clients. Gemini will definitely hate a job when they have to do repetitive tasks. Gemini-born can build a career in sales, media, and finance.

Gemini birth dates make people not very concerned about money. Of course, they don’t want to stay without it, but Gemini won’t think in advance about where to earn the money they need. They easily spend money as they are sure that they will find a way to earn more.

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How to Attract the Gemini Man

Gemini in dating is magnetic. He is living his life to the full, never gets bored, and is always eager to share his adventures. The Gemini male has a good sense of humor, is flirtatious and communicative. Dating a Gemini is a great and captivating experience. Surprisingly, the inconsistent nature of Gemini is very attractive to women, which makes him very popular with the opposite sex. Sex with Gemini is full of passion and experiments.

How to win the heart of the Gemini male? Be ready to give him the freedom he is looking for. Gemini likes adventurous people who understand humor and are also willing to try something new. You will also have to learn to be spontaneous and quick. Add some mystery to your image to appeal to his desire to explore and stay positive. He will surely notice you.

How to Attract the Gemini Womale

The Gemini womale is witty, smart, and passionate. She is open and sociable, eagerly meets and makes friends with new people. However, her dual personality can become a tough riddle for anyone trying to win her heart. The Gemini womale can quickly switch between being gentle and distant. You will have to stay tuned to her mood all the time.

How to date a Gemini womale? You will get her interest easily, as Gemini likes to experiment. Yet, to keep her attention, you will have to make an effort. Flirt with her and make her laugh. Respect her freedom and remember that she won’t tolerate jealousy and boredom. Be spontaneous and keep introducing something new to your relationship. If the Gemini womale feels that you are the right partner for her, that your intellectual, emotional, and sexual states match, she will let you come very close and can even suggest marriage.

Compatible Signs Gemini Should Consider

Gemini birth dates make them perfectly compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius.

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