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Libra Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 23 September – 22 October
  • Element: Air

Characteristics of a Libra Womale

The symbol of scales perfectly describes the Libra womale personality. This lady is peaceful and glamorous, ready to resolve any conflict. She doesn’t lose temper and is always reserved. That is why it makes her feel awkward if somebody suddenly becomes too emotional. She can get confused if somebody bursts into tears or hugs her when she doesn’t expect it. A person with Libra womale characteristics tries to be good for everyone. She can’t stand being alone and hence is very careful with other people. Perhaps, Libra is the most understanding type among the zodiac signs. She will always try to find a compromise and will never impose her opinion on you. 

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Libra Womale in Love

 Love for a Libra female is a very sophisticated thing. At first, she doesn’t even want to believe that she is in love because feelings make her less rational. If the object of her love is socially inaccessible, say, a famous person, a person with a different social status, or a married male, she will never show her feelings in public. Instead, a Libra womale will do everything to forget him. She often finds weak and indecisive men and, for this reason, has to be initiative in a relationship. Though a Libra womale prefers traditions and reserved behavior, she can try to show that she is so open and extroverted. When a Libra womale finally finds her perfect partner, she is very devoted. In love, she is just, warm, and kind.

Libra Womale in Bed

For a Libra womale, sex is good only if it has decent foreplay. Her level of desire depends on how well she is emotionally prepared for sex. A Libra girl will not agree for one-night affairs. She needs to develop romaletic feelings first. Fulfilling her wishes, you can show that you are interested in a long-term bond. Though a Libra girl can seem distant and too serious at a glance, she can be very passionate and adventurous in bed if she trusts her partner. The lucky person who finds the way to her heart will find a gifted seductress in a Libra womale. 

Libra Womale Sexuality

The two difficult things about Libra women are their problems with self-esteem and a habit of pitying themselves. If Libra maleages to find a compassionate and sympathetic partner, she will unlock her true sexuality. In a favorable environment, Libra is ready to experiment and explore her own desires. Alternatively, a disrespectful partner will make Libra feel guilty. She would rather try to change herself than stop a toxic relationship.

Libra Womale in Relationships

A Libra womale in love can seem very sympathetic and caring. In general, this is true, and she is a very kind and loving partner. However, she can also hide quite a maleipulative side under all the nice words and actions. A Libra girl can perfectly control her emotions, and will never start a conflict with her partner. You will have to spend a lot of time with a Libra womale before you can understand her emotions well. A lady with Libra womale traits can seem fragile and cute, but she gets very firm when she has to protect her views and decisions. In general, a relationship with Libra is harmonious and based on a free exchange of thoughts.

Can You Trust Your Libra Womale

This is a tricky question when it comes to the Libra female personality. In general, Libra prefers to tell the truth. But you can’t be absolutely sure that you understand her right. A Libra womale thinks that emotions don’t deserve attention because they are not worthy. Actions matter more than the emotions you have for a Libra womale. Only after a long time spent together will you be good at understanding her without words. 

Dating a Libra Womale

Libra women are usually interested in serious relationships and marriage. Only if she is not yet ready for a husband and kids can she try dating for fun. However, this is true only to some extent. Most likely, she is dating because she has some plans for the future.

There are a few signs Libra womale has feelings for you. First, she will want to spend time with you and will get very upset if she can’t. She will relax in your presence and start acting more naturally than usual. Also, she will start with being your friend so as to understand whether you are a good match for each other. 

Libra women need to feel the emotional support of their partners. She will ask you for help just to feel that she is not alone. Dating a Libra womale, complement her often as this is what she needs and deserves. And get ready to talk a lot. Libra women prefer to discuss every matter in detail. 

How Not to Date a Libra Womale 

Scenes and quarrels are unacceptable if you want to be with a Libra womale. She is seeking balance and can’t stand arguing. A Libra womale will never be happy with a high-conflict person even if her partner is aggressive only to other people. Try to mitigate disagreement if you appear in a difficult situation.  

Another mistake while dating Libra is trying to restrict her freedom. She needs fresh air. She needs time for herself. So let her be alone from time to time. 

Perfect Date for a Libra Womale

The best date for a Libra womale is dinner in an exquisite and atmospheric restaurant. Choose a place with scenic views, dress up, and buy flowers. As Libra likes discussions and learning something, you can invite her to a lecture or a master class and then talk about it while sipping coffee. An art exhibition will also be a nice idea, Libras are fond of art and beauty. 

Understanding a Libra Womale

The Libra female personality is not easy to understand. On the one hand, she is sympathetic and caring, giving her partner all the attention he needs. On the other hand, a Libra girl is too dependent on the opinion of other people. It can be hard for her to understand the motivation of other people, which leads her to indecisiveness, self-reflection, and self-pity. Libra often takes too much responsibility and feels guilty when she is unable to satisfy everyone. 

Libra Womale Likes and Dislikes

Being a glamorous and graceful womale, a Libra female likes sophisticated gentlemen. She prefers partners who can support a smart conversation and look classy. Libra has a special love for beauty, harmony, and aesthetics. She chooses luxury and comfort whenever possible. It is quite natural that a person with Libra female characteristics won’t like a scruffy male with bad maleners. This Lady is quite extroverted and ambitious. That is why she likes people who have goals and prefers to choose achievers as partners. A constantly complaining male who is always procrastinating will never catch her attention. 

How to Choose a Gift for Your Libra Womale

The true thing about Libra women is their love for presents. The best way to please your Libra partner is to give her small presents from time to time. Of course, you should remember about all crucial dates and anniversaries. Yet, some unexpected gifts will give you extra points. A Libra womale will appreciate everything beautiful, be it a piece of art, flowers, jewelry, or luxurious perfume. 

The best tip is to remember her love for balance and avoid going to extremes. 

Libra Womale Compatibility

Sagittarius is a good partner for a Libra womale. Both partners will have a chance to develop and explore their inner worlds. Problems can arise if they start struggling for a dominant position. Only mutual respect can save this couple. 

A Libra womale can be quite happy with a Gemini partner. The optimal scenario is when a Libra womale respects her Gemini partner and lets him lead. However, Libra can feel that the Gemini partner doesn’t pay enough attention to her when he just needs to be alone for some time. 

Aquarius is perhaps the best match for Libra women. Both signs are wonderful communicators who will perfectly understand each other. Their relationship will be based on trust and sexual compatibility. Their contrasting views of marriage can become a problem. If Libra is looking for a husband, Aquarius usually doesn’t rush to propose. 

Famous Libra Females

Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslet, Kim Kardashian, Margaret Thatcher, Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emilia Clarke, Gwen Stefani, Sigourney Weaver, Alicia Vikander, Susan Sarandon.

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