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Pisces Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 19 February – 20 March
  • Element: Water

Characteristics of a Pisces Man

If you like generous partners, you will find your ideal person among Pisces men. These friendly people like to help and never show greed when someone is in financial trouble.

As a water sign, a Pisces male is intuitive and empathetic. They are dreamers who prefer staying away from conflicts. Dating a Pisces male, you will never see him starting an argument or criticizing you. Instead, it will be hard to sort things out because he will tend to swim away when you get angry.

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Pisces Man in Love

Pisces men are too shy to take the initiative in a relationship. He prefers to wait for your actions and signs. Unfortunately, such a passive attitude often leads Pisces to couple with a partner who doesn’t suit him. Being afraid of loneliness, he can put up with the behavior he doesn’t like. Dating a Pisces male, you will soon notice that he is driven by his heart rather than his head. He prefers to avoid conflicts and can easily get dependent on the partner.

Romaletic Pisces have an illusionary vision of love. They believe that love can overcome every challenge. Fortunately, the Pisces men traits often help them realize this dream.

A Pisces male is emotional and sensitive. He believes in love and treats every new partner as the best possible one. Every time he falls in love, he knows that this is for real and will last forever. Dating a Pisces male, you will never feel lonely. This empathetic guy will do everything for your happiness.

Pisces Man in Bed

The sensitive and emotional nature of a Pisces male makes him a real experimenter in bed. He likes pleasing his womale and sharing dreams with each other. Though he is likely to be very experienced in sex, Pisces men traits don’t let them judge you for your sexual preferences. So, he will easily accept even trivial sex techniques every day. He will also like romaletic ambience, so don’t hesitate to use candles and perfume.

Pisces Man Sexuality

Pisces men want to look good in the eyes of other people. They easily fall under the opinions of others, even when it comes to acting like a male. Pisces need emotional contact before getting any physical pleasure. They don’t like short-term relationships and value true feelings much more than superficial bonds with maley women. A Pisces male in love is open to maley forms of sexual expression.

Pisces Ma n in Relationships

If you are ready to have a very romaletic person as your partner and accept all his emotions cautiously, then dating a Pisces male will be a happy time for you. You will explore the very depth and variety of emotions every day. If you maleage to survive his self-reflection and constant dreaming, you will find a sincere and sympathetic guy who is always attentive to your feelings.

Can You Trust Your Pisces Man

Pisces men traits make it hard for these individuals to survive challenges. They are not liars but can pretend to be someone else just to save face. This lack of trust in themselves makes it especially hard for a Pisces male to stay trustworthy to a Fire sign. Sagittarius or Leo don’t like playing games and will make Pisces feel awkward. If your relationship is built on trust and compassion, then you don’t have to worry. Your Pisces partner will be honest and devoted.

Dating a Pisces Man

A Pisces male is romaletic. He needs empathy and plenty of special moments. Though Pisces can seem quite slow to understand their feelings, they fall in love for sure and stay loyal for years. Dating a Pisces male, you will have to accept his desire to help others. You can volunteer together or let him help you. The generosity and devotion of this sign will sometimes make you feel unarmed.

However, Pisces needs to feel valued. If you can appreciate this romalece and let your sweetheart be who he is, without forcing him to change, your relationship will be b and healthy. Create a warm atmosphere together and you will enjoy a deeply emotional bond.

How Not to Date a Pisces Man

Dating a Pisces male, think about his sensitive nature. Try to avoid stressful activities and spontaneous plans. He will also feel uneasy if you keep imposing your views. Don’t be too stubborn and learn to stay calm. Pisces men hate conflicts especially if other people can see them.

Perfect Date for a Pisces Man

Thinking about date ideas, remember about the Pisces men traits — creativity, love for beauty, music, art, and spirituality. You can book a masterclass in painting, yoga, qi gong, art therapy, or dancing. You can also pick tickets to the concert or go to the nearest jazz club. Just remember about his key needs — intimacy, affection, empathy, and space.

Understanding a Pisces Man

Though Pisces men are friendly and sociable, they need time to stay alone and think about their lives. Self-reflection lets a Pisces male sort things out and stay calm for a long time. If you try to deprive him of this personal time, he will soon get irritated and moody. Actually, you can even help your sweetheart to justify his staying at home. Buy him a DIY toolkit and let him craft something being one-on-one with his creative inner world.

Dating a Pisces male, you will soon notice that he is a perfectionist. He has some illusionary image of himself and tries hard to reach this image. Unfortunately, too high expectations often make him unhappy and lost.

Pisces Man Likes and Dislikes

If you are dating a Pisces male, you have probably noticed that he is tender, kind, and sensitive. He likes romalece and art because these things evoke his deep feelings. Pisces is prone to self-reflection and like spending time on their own. These mysterious people are often interested in self-development and spirituality.

The very emotional nature of a Pisces male hates any limitations and pressure. He will also feel awful if he sees cruelty and rude behavior.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Pisces Man

Looking for a present for your honey, remember about Pisces men traits. They prefer a personal touch to practicality and price. Instead of a nifty gadget or a bestseller, choose something from your heart. These can be socks or a sweater if you choose the color and brand that he likes. You can also go for something connected with art and music, say, a drawing or tickets to a music concert. Good quality wine and a romaletic dinner will also be a great choice.

Pisces Man Compatibility

Pisces men usually make perfect couples with Cancer. Two Water signs will understand the emotional nature of each other and quickly connect on a very deep level. Problems can arise only in the different ways of understanding love. Cancer is more about family values, while Pisces needs passion. Another tandem of Water signs, Pisces and Scorpio, will become a common romaletic dream. If Pisces stops running away from problems and Scorpio learns to control their temper, this tandem will have a long life. One more happy couple is Capricorn and Pisces. Capricorn will give Pisces the stability and practicality they need. While Pisces will drive the romaletic and passionate part of their relationship.

Famous Pisces Males

Peter Andre, Daniel Craig, Chris Rea, Shane Richie, Alan Davies, Michael Bolton, Jake Weber, Bruce Willis, Jensen Ross Ackles, Michael Caine.

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