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Sagittarius Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 22 November – 21 December
  • Element: Fire

Characteristics of a Sagittarius Man

Remember the Sagittarius symbol? Like metaphoric archers, Sagittarius men have high goals and unparalleled energy to achieve them. These guys are idealistic, perfectionists, and willing to get more and more. Patience is definitely not about Sagittarius. These active adventurers can explore the world alone or in a circle of friends. A Sagittarius male is funny and positive. He captivates people with his optimism and knowledge of almost everything around them. He loves freedom and traveling both the material and spiritual worlds.

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Sagittarius Man in Love

Sagittarius male traits make these guys fall in love very quickly. They like affection and passion as these things bring so much pleasure. At the beginning of a relationship, this is the only thing that bothers Sagittarius. Sometimes he plays the role of a conqueror trying to win as maley hearts as possible.

He doesn’t want to discuss feelings, he would rather speak about the laws of the Universe. If you don’t want to get trapped by a Sagittarius male in love, don’t rush. Let him chase you as this will ignite his interest. The more time passes, the better he will understand his feelings. Let him be active and willing to win your heart. Though he will like your spontaneity in the beginning, he won’t be serious with you if you are too easy to win.

Sagittarius Man in Bed

A Sagittarius male is active and can have sex several times a day. However, he is also very fast and can leave the partner in the bedroom shortly after he gets satisfied. The optimistic and charming nature of Sagittarius makes his partners feel alive and relaxed. Dating a Sagittarius male, you should know that he remains single in his heart even after sex. Sex is nothing special for him. Yet, after he chooses you out of maley other partners, he will be faithful.

Sagittarius Man Sexuality

You will be surprised by how open and confident he is. Sagittarius male traits encourage these guys to change maley partners in search of a perfect lover. This also makes him very experienced and sensual when it comes to sex. He knows how to satisfy his partner very well. Though Sagittarius can seem unable to settle down, he will maleage to stop his constant search when he finds a person whom he loves more than physically.

Sagittarius Man in Relationships

A combo of mutable characteristics with the Fire sign forms a very changeable character of a Sagittarius male. He wasn’t lying yesterday when he swore that he would be faithful to you. He just didn’t know that he would meet another great love the next day. If you are looking for stability, you should walk by Sagittarius men. They change so quickly and need a partner who can keep up with this pace. If you fail to change on time, he can easily find another person. Yet, when both of you are on the same page, he can become a stable and faithful individual so different from a usual Sagittarius male.

Can You Trust Your Sagittarius Man

If you understand trust as the ability to rely on him once and forever, then the answer is No, you can’t trust a Sagittarius male. The thing is, he is a bad liar and he rarely tries to hide the truth. But you should remember that no one can bind Sagittarius. He can fall in love with another person and ruin his own illusions that he can be totally faithful to you. He will let you know the moment his feelings change.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men like spontaneous actions. Show your ability to change and go out of your comfort zone. Support his adventurous ideas and come up with yours. He will be interested in you if he can’t predict your actions and thoughts.

Dating a Sagittarius male, you will soon notice that this brilliant conversationalist leaves you unarmed. Is it possible to say “No” looking into his charming eyes? When the ideas of Sagittarius get too risky, you can be there to stop him. This is exactly what he expects from you. Sagittarius men in love can go to restaurants and movies. Yet, more often he will invite you on an exciting adventure, say, a Hot Air Balloon Ride, a climbing masterclass, or a mountain hike.

How Not to Date a Sagittarius Man

Don’t show that you are too serious. Dating a Sagittarius male, you have to be a bit cunning. Tell him facts about you one at a time, leaving some mystery for your next date. You can speak about some places you visited or recall some interesting situations from your life, but don’t be an open book to him.

Don’t introduce him to your parents at once and don’t suggest perfect locations for your future wedding. Remember that he doesn’t want to lose his freedom and needs a catch that is hard to get. Spend a great time together, giving him enough chances to get used to you and love you.

Perfect Date for a Sagittarius Man

Remember Sagittarius men traits? They like intellectual games, smart discussions, and adventures. You can choose a quiz night, an escape room quiz, or create your own quiz to let him find some prize. Active things will also do. Go ice-skating, go-kart trekking, or biking. Instead of a trivial visit to the cinema, choose a master class. Sagittarius likes to learn something new and explore the boundaries of their power.

Understanding a Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius male is a born truth-seeker, which also makes him unable to settle down until he finds both his true feelings and an ideal partner. He needs change and adventures because he wants to try everything and say for sure that he made the right choice. So, it is not quite correct to say that these men are childish or unfaithful just judging by common Sagittarius male traits. Good news, Sagittarius can find a person with whom his soul will be calm and happy. And once he finds this ideal partner, he will be loyal and committed.

Sagittarius Man Likes and Dislikes

As a natural explorer, a Sagittarius male likes to travel both physically and mentally. He would willingly accept a bike or a hike outdoors. Exploring new scientific discoveries or a philosophical doctrine with a book can also satisfy his learning desire.

A free spirit of Sagittarius is against any limitations. These men hate intrusive behavior and rules. Sagittarius is also not a person to dig deep into a subject, so he dislikes focusing too long on one thing studying all the ins and outs of it.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Sagittarius Man

What can be a better gift than organizing an adventure for him? Buy a tour, a plane or a bus ticket. You can also purchase a certificate for a helicopter flight or horse riding. If you have no ideas about traveling, pick something philosophical or funny, say, a joke book.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Sagittarius men can perfectly match with other Fire signs, Leo and Aries. He will also find a lot in common with an innovative Aquarius, who will become his best friend and lover with time. Earth signs will find Sagittarius too moody and irresponsible. Cancer is also unlikely to be happy with Sagittarius, as these signs are like Water and Fire. They have different energies, different emotions, and a different outlook on life.

Famous Sagittarius Males

Martin Clunes, Ralph Fiennes, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer, Winston Churchill, Woody Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Bruce Lee, Frank Sinatra, Steven Spielberg, Brendan Fraser.

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