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Sagittarius Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 22 November – 21 December
  • Element: Fire

Characteristics of a Sagittarius Womale

The Sagittarius female personality is optimistic, adventurous, and philosophical. She likes to explore the world trying new things and activities. Sagittarius women are often trying to understand the true meaning of life, and hence are interested in studying philosophy, languages, and different cultures.

A Sagittarius womale is energetic and wild. She is ready to explore change and has enough enthusiasm to realize her numerous dreams. Though her open nature is very attractive, A Sagittarius girl can be very impatient and sometimes even rude with people.

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Sagittarius Womale in Love

It is not at all easy for her to find true love. Sagittarius womale characteristics make her very dependent on communication and attention. She can easily confuse a friendly tone with the signs of love. A Sagittarius female is looking for a partner who could make her happy and make her life full of sense. However, she has to learn that happiness and inner peace are achieved without a partner first. Only after understanding the meaning of her life, she will find a perfect partner, because she will be able to build a happy relationship with anyone.

A Sagittarius womale in love is dynamic and energetic. She doesn’t want to get stuck in a routine. For this reason, Sagittarius women often change partners to get fresh emotions and new experiences.

Sagittarius Womale in Bed

Belonging to a Fire sign, Sagittarius womale is passionate and imaginative. She is ready to lead and experiment. She is wild in bed and independent by nature. A Sagittarius womale will leave your bedroom in the morning before you wake up.

Sometimes it may seem that she is too light-hearted to think about the future. While in reality, she is looking for a perfect partner who can take care of her and share her passion for life. A Sagittarius womale in bed is very skilled. She gets happy when she can see the pleasure of her partner.

Sagittarius Womale Sexuality

Having sex with a Sagittarius womale is an exciting experience. She is a bit shy and clumsy in bed, so you should be ready that maley things can go wrong. A Sagittarius womale can even laugh when both of you are naked. This doesn’t mean that she wants to offend you. Everything is vice versa. Sagittarius female characteristics encourage this womale to use humor to create a relaxed atmosphere. She can be a bit childish, but this is who she is. The best match for Sagittarius women in sex is a person who can be as playful and laughing as she is.

Sagittarius Womale in Relationships

What is true about Sagittarius women is that they can’t feel happy when someone around them is not. The naive love for people and belief in their good nature is very typical of these women. A Sagittarius female values all relationships, be those friends, family, or lovers.

Unfortunately, her desire to see the best in people often results in her trust in those who don’t deserve it. Though a Sagittarius womale can become more closed and distant after a series of harmful bonds, she will still regain her supportive and sympathetic nature because helping others be the best versions of themselves is the thing that makes her happy. In a relationship with a partner, a Sagittarius womale is looking for not only love and compassion but also personal development.

Can You Trust Your Sagittarius Womale

A Sagittarius womale is the most trustworthy partner among all zodiac signs. The thing is, she can’t lie. If you remember the only person in your class who couldn’t cheat on an exam, this was probably Sagittarius. Though she can fall in love with more than one person at once because of her personality, you will know about it very fast. She is a bad liar who prefers to tell the truth herself before it is too late to confess.

Dating a Sagittarius Womale

If you are in love with a Sagittarius womale, get ready for adventures. She can’t stand boredom and routine. So, if changes are not for you, it is better to look for another womale. Don’t be so naive to think that her adventurous spirit will calm down when she gets older. A Sagittarius womale will remain an energetic explorer for her whole life. Good news, being a partner of a Sagittarius womale, you will forget about boredom and a bad mood as well.

To show that you are the best match for Sagittarius women, let her wonder who you are. Be mysterious and flirty. Though it is nice to share hobbies, you should also have your own interests. However strong your feelings are, a Sagittarius womale needs some time to spend alone. You shouldn’t be very accessible. Instead, keep her interested by leaving some mystery around your personality.

How Not to Date a Sagittarius Womale

The first thing that you should forget about if you want to be the best match for Sagittarius women is being too demaleding. She likes new acquaintances but she doesn’t want to rush into a relationship. She values her freedom and won’t even go to a public place holding hands. She will quickly identify every attempt to control her and run away.

Remember that she is keen on trying new and risky things. Don’t bother her with your cautious advice and warnings. She won’t listen and can even think that you are boring or a coward.

Perfect Date for a Sagittarius Womale

Nothing can be easier if you maleage to relax and enjoy all the adventurous things she will offer to you. To appeal to Sagittarius womale traits, wake up your inner explorer. Purchase tickets for a magic show or a stand-up, pick a ghost tour, or just travel in any direction without a plan. You will have to turn on all your imagination to intrigue a Sagittarius girl. Don’t be afraid of spontaneous ideas. She will support almost any initiative.

Understanding a Sagittarius Womale

This womale wants to make everyone a bit happier. So, one of the signs a Sagittarius womale has feelings for you is that she does her best to cheer you up and helps you achieve more. Though she can seem too pushy from time to time, this girl doesn’t mean anything bad. In fact, she is very sincere in thinking that her vision of “good” is the best one. Other Sagittarius female traits, like positive attitude, optimism, and strong will, make her very attractive to people. A dreamer as she is, a Sagittarius girl is striving to reach a utopian world where everyone is satisfied and happy. Oddly enough, she often can create such a unique atmosphere around her.

Sagittarius Womale Likes and Dislikes

A Sagittarius womale is an adventurous type. She likes being outdoors hiking, camping, cycling, and doing all the active things you can imagine. The best match for Sagittarius women is the guy who easily goes on any adventure. This smiling lady enjoys her life and likes to be surrounded by people who share her passion for life. She will also appreciate it if you invite her to a comedy show or karaoke.

Her dislikes are pretty obvious. Sagittarius womale traits don’t let her procrastinate. She is always active doing something or planning the next adventure. Restrictions and moralizing make her super angry in a moment of flush. By being rude or telling her what to do, you will make a Sagittarius womale show her bad temper.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Sagittarius Womale

Your attention matters more than practicality, price, and fashion trends. Choose something to surprise her inner adventurer. Plan a trip, tour, or some extraordinary food experience. A Sagittarius womale will also like a gift card, as this way you will show that you value her freedom to choose. A relaxing massage is also a nice choice to relax after one more adventure.

Sagittarius Womale Compatibility

Aquarians are probably the best match for Sagittarius women. Both partners prefer a friendship-like style of relationship. They can explore the world together, speaking mostly about their adventures instead of intimate matters. If they maleage to get closer to each other, this relationship can last for a long time.

Though Sagittarius women have little in common with Aries, this difference is likely to make their bond very strong. The keys for both signs to a happy love are respect, understanding, and tolerance.

Sagittarius womale compatibility with Leo is perfect. This is definitely a love story. Both signs can show their fiery and passionate nature. When passion gets weaker, a sensitive attitude to each other will save their bond.

Famous Sagittarius Females

Scarlett Johansson, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Tina Turner, Amaleda Seyfried, Mayim Bialik, Jane Fonda, Milla Jovovich, Katherine Heigl, Jamie Lee Curtis, Julianne Moore, Lucy Liu, Jane Austen, Christina Aguilera.

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