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Scorpio Sign in Brief

  • Date range: 23 October – 21 November
  • Element: Water

Characteristics of a Scorpio Man

This Water sign is shrouded in mystery. Scorpio men traits give these men great intuition, strong ambitions, courage, and some mystery. Even after dating a Scorpio male for a long-long time, you can’t be sure that you fully understand him. This male seems to know the latest news about everything. He knows when to act and when to wait.

Though the brave and enigmatic Scorpio attracts women, he can soon disappoint them by being very dominant and uncompromising. The inability to put up with lies makes a Scorpio male too suspicious at times.

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Scorpio Man in Love

It is very hard to resist the charm of a Scorpio male. If he finds the womale he wants to be with, he will do everything to make this happen. A Scorpio male in love is hard to predict. He can be your devoted fan one day and he can hate you equally seriously on the next day.

Scorpio doesn’t like compromises, so he won’t accept any kind of relationship other than he has imagined in his head. Dating a Scorpio male, you can notice that he is very attached to you. His feelings are deep and profound. He simply can’t stop loving somebody. So, he won’t part as friends if you suggest, his hatred will be as strong as his love.

A Scorpio male also finds it very hard to show his weakness. For this reason, he won’t look tender or caring. For a Scorpio male, love should be intense and passionate.

Scorpio Man in Bed

This guy is a true dominator in bed. Dating a Scorpio male, you can notice that he is driven by desire and likes challenges. This male can be quite aggressive in prelude and sex, so be ready for his uncontrolled sexuality. Rejection of his partner will make Scorpio angry and bad-tempered. The impulsive nature of a Scorpio male makes him do unbelievable things to get the love of a womale. The lover of challenges, he is always attracted to women popular with maley men. Chasing his potential lover, a Scorpio male can be very self-centered and stone-hearted.

Scorpio Man Sexuality

Scorpio men traits are mostly influenced by Mars and Pluto, which strengthens his basic instincts and sexuality. Scorpio is sensual and emotional. The mutable nature of this zodiac sign makes it impossible to predict if he is sensitive and soft or a sexual pervert. In total, Scorpio is imaginative and very skilled in sex. This conqueror of women’s hearts has a lot of energy and some strange magnetic personality.

Scorpio Man in Relationships

It is important to understand that a Scorpio male is fatalistic. He takes everything too intensely. A problem is a disaster, a divorce or betrayal is death. He easily closes his heart being afraid of pain in the future. Though a Scorpio male in love is often possessive and unforgiving, he can also be supportive, caring, and empathetic if he trusts you fully.

Can You Trust Your Scorpio Man

Scorpio men usually tell the truth even if it can hurt somebody. They are used to speaking their mind. Sometimes he is getting too obsessed about telling the ugly truth that people actually don’t want to hear. Scorpio men traits are contradictory. On the one hand, he can be the male you can rely on, on the other hand, he can get angry and do whatever he wants without thinking about the feelings of others.

Dating a Scorpio Man

Dating a Scorpio male, you can think that he is a fairytale prince. He will cherish you as his precious jewelry. He will cover you with his coat when you get cold and ask you out to the best restaurant. A Scorpio male wants to see that he is valued and adored. However, this desire to be loved is very unstable. Once you tell something he doesn’t like, a Scorpio male can take this coat back and split the check.

Scorpio men find it very hard to overcome a difficult break-up. Don’t be surprised if he is very hard to crack. Perhaps, he is too afraid of another failure and can’t let himself open with a new partner. Sharing your secret may help. Show that you are sincere and willing to explore his soul and personality. If your secret is a dream, something you want to get or a place you wish to visit, he can help you to achieve it.

Being one-on-one with a Scorpio male, let him feel that he is the only male in the world for you. If he is comfortable and calm with you, your Scorpio male will become much softer and hide his fangs.

How Not to Date a Scorpio Man

Dating a Scorpio male, remember that he needs your total devotion. Put away your mobile phone and tablet. Even one shirt call or text will annoy him. Another “Don’t” with a Scorpio male in love is talking about nothing. Be prepared, read the news, check the latest inventions, and find some ideas for discussion.

Perfect Date for a Scorpio Man

The best way to make your Scorpio partner relax is to avoid novelty. Ask him out to the restaurant he likes and order his favorite meal. When he can follow his habits, it will be much easier for him to open up with you. Don’t challenge him with maley surprises, as a Scorpio male in love likes to control everything in your relationship.

Understanding a Scorpio Man

A deeply emotional Scorpio male needs a person who can understand his feelings and sympathize. That is why Scorpio often chooses Water and Earth signs. This deeply sensitive and truly devoted male is searching for the love of his life.

Pluto has a specific influence on the Scorpio men traits. Pluto is connected with the Underworld, and Scorpio often looks at the matters of life from the viewpoint of their end. Even if a Scorpio male is optimistic and smiling, he can’t avoid such thoughts. A positive aspect of this mentality is the drive with which a Scorpio male lives his life. He uses every opportunity and is focused on getting practical value.

Scorpio Man Likes and Dislikes

A Scorpio male likes the truth. He is very accurate in his words and actions and is searching for similar behavior in other people. Scorpio prefers facts to gut feeling, though his intuition is very strong. These men like ambitious women with their goals and desires. He needs both intelligence and attractive looks. A smart and witty womale who can dress classy is his choice.

The key dislike of a Scorpio male is lies. He can hardly overcome unfaithfulness in a relationship. Scorpio men also hate criticism, lazy and complaining partners. Though he is not against flirting, chasing him is definitely a bad idea. A Scorpio male will run away if he finds you too clingy.

How to Choose a Gift for Your Scorpio Man

To pick the present he will like, sit for a while thinking about the dreams he shared with you and forgot. Perhaps, he wanted to visit some place. Or maybe, he was talking about noise-canceling headphones. Remind him about what he wanted and show that you care.

Dating a Scorpio male, you have probably noticed that he likes both technological gadgets and the spiritual world. So, you can either opt for the latest tool or choose a popular philosophical book. Alchemy, sorcery, alternative methods of healing will be interesting for your Scorpio male.

Scorpio Man Compatibility

Scorpio and Taurus, two signs equally interested in love, sex, and physical pleasure, will be very satisfied with each other. Unfortunately, if Taurus fails to keep independence in this relationship, they can find this bond quite harmful because of the Scorpio character.

A Scorpio male can be happy with the Pisces partner. They will perfectly understand the emotions of each other and seem like an ideal couple from the outside. Problems will happen if Pisces continues to hide their emotions, and Scorpio starts dominating their partner too much.

Virgo can reach stability and stop hesitating while dating a Scorpio male. Their bond can be full of love and excitement if they don’t start to control each other.

Famous Scorpio Males

Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Schwimmer, Stanley Tucci, Bob Ross, Ryan Gosling, Pablo Picasso, Gerard Butler, Christopher Columbus, Diego Maradona.

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