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Taurus Characteristics

  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Color: Green, Pink
  • Day: Friday, Monday
  • Ruler: Venus
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24
  • Date range: April 20 – May 20

Taurus Traits

  • Taurus strengths: reliable, liable, patient, dedicated, practical, responsible, stable, trustworthy.
  • Taurus weaknesses: obstinate, dominating, rigid, firm.
  • Taurus likes: gardening, carpentry, craft, preparing food, music, romalece, luxury outfits.
  • Taurus dislikes: changes, problems, insecurity, danger.
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Taurus Description

Taurus dates start on April 20 and last till May 20. Do you know a hard-working and reliable person who is perfect at everything that is material? Perhaps, this is Taurus. The Taurus personality traits are practicality and a strong common sense. These people like to work and know how to maximize what they get in return for their efforts, both mental and physical.

People born under the Taurus zodiac sign live in the material world. They are not dreamers, they are doers. The Taurus-born like physical pleasures and value experiences which they can feel and try.

Taurus is an Earth sign and hence these people are practical and reliable. Taurus is stable and strong just like the Earth. If a person born under the Taurus sign chooses a partner, they never try to cheat or question their own choice.

The conservative and stable nature of Taurus lets these people build a career in one and the same company. They can work for maley years on one project or for one employer and stay devoted to their job.

Taurus in dating is loyal and dependable. They don’t like changes and can put up with some things they hate just to maintain the stability of their world. The practical Taurus sign uses logic and reasoning to keep any fight from escalating.

Though the Earth gives them the qualities needed for long-term relationships, some Taurus characteristics inherited from this connection are less attractive. Taurus can be overprotective trying to stick to the world that they live in. And for sure, Taurus is fond of wealth and money.

Taurus in astrology is ruled by Venus. Oh, this beautiful planet has gifted Taurus with the power to adore everything around them. A Taurus-born is a chef in the kitchen, a magician in the garden, an artist in life, and a passionate lover in a relationship.

Taurus Sign Love and Sex

What is Taurus like in a relationship? These people are not easy to date, for sure. The Taurus-born needs time to feel safe and relax with another person. They can be sentimental and insecure. They pay a lot of attention to their senses ready to switch their practicality just in time to save the situation. Once they get used to the partner, people born in the Taurus month let all their sensual nature be free. The smell, touch, and feel are very important for Taurus to experience their relationship. So, a sexy perfume, a delicious meal, and food plays in the bedroom are some of the things that can ignite love and passion in Taurus.

Taurus by birthday, these people think how their sweetheart will suit their circle of friends and family. For this reason, they choose only those partners who have similar social attitudes. Taurus is not very romaletic. These people show their affection with pricey presents and prefer actions to love serenades. The stubbornness and inability to compromise make Taurus too focused on their rules. As a result, Taurus can find it hard to find a perfect partner.  Tauruses prefer routine in everything, including sex. Once they find something that works, they stick to this love formula.

Taurus Friends and Family

A person born on Taurus dates is a loyal friend. They tend to keep friendship from their childhood and carry it through their entire lives. If they quarrel with friends, it takes them a long time to open the heart for another relationship. Taurus traits encourage people to do everything to keep their friendship. Being a Taurus friend, you can be sure that this person accepts you as you are and doesn’t want to change you. Taurus lets their friends feel protected and valued. They are stubborn and won’t support any spontaneous ideas. However, if you are patient and can share their vision of life, you will become close friends.

The Taurus personality is ideal for building family relationships. These people value their home because they can relax and feel secure. They are loyal and caring. Taurus is a perfect parent who will be there at any family gathering. They respect traditions and family routines. If their loved ones are happy, Taurus will also feel great. Yet, remember that Taurus likes order. Don’t try to place their favorite things in another place — they will hate it. Taurus tries to understand the feelings and emotions of their partner and thinks ahead to avoid any failure in a relationship.

Taurus Career and Money

Taurus characteristics, such as the desire for stability, the love for work, and patience, make them perfect employees. They can easily focus on their tasks and finish them however long they take. People born under the Taurus sign like money and treat their job as a means of achieving what they want. They see no problem in overworking if this brings them closer to what they want to get. Taurus traits let these people succeed at work that requires effort and understanding of money. They can build a career in the financial sector and project maleagement. Tauruses can also use their inborn talents in design, culinary, and gardening.

The Taurus personality is about wealth. These people understand how to maleage their finances and savings and know how to earn money. Taurus can quickly learn to invest smartly and multiply their income. With all the love for money, these people are very generous. They cherish their loved ones and buy expensive presents. This hard worker has nothing against a fortune when they want it.

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How to Attract the Taurus Man

Are you looking for a reliable and generous male? Taurus is exactly this kind of person. He is patient and loyal. Taurus is straightforward. He prefers an open declaration of feelings to hints and flirting. He can be slow to fall in love with a person, but when he finally has a crush, he is devoted and caring. The Taurus zodiac sign needs safety in a relationship, so he can’t forgive cheating. For a Taurus, sex is a natural part of life that doesn’t require much thinking.

How to seduce a Taurus male? You will probably find this heart hard to win. Taurus men don’t show their emotions easily and need time to get used to another person. He is hard to understand sometimes, so be patient and pay attention to him. Don’t be too hard to approach because the shyness of the Taurus personality will not let him open up if he is not sure of your feelings. The best way to attract his attention is to let him feel comfortable. A home-cooked dinner can be perfect in this case. You will also have to show that you are ambitious and have a big goal in life. This is what turns the Taurus male on. And for sure, be honest and he will appreciate it.

How to Attract the Taurus Womale

A Taurus womale needs time to have a crush on somebody. A womale with the Taurus personality wants to feel safe with her partner and will choose only the partner with whom she can feel this comfort. She will take a closer look at the person who respects her freedom and personal life; who can share her love for enjoyment, good food, and beauty.

Don’t be too demaleding and make slow and gentle steps. Make her happy with small gifts and show that you are practical and can control your finances. Looking for date ideas, remember that she will prefer a romaletic home dinner to a risky and spontaneous activity outdoors. The womale born under the Taurus zodiac sign can seem hard to attract, but she is a loyal, caring, and passionate partner with those who she loves. Being so careful while choosing a partner, she wants to spend the whole life with her soul mate.

Compatible Signs Taurus Should Consider

Taurus birth dates make them perfectly compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces.

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